Weekending 27 Feb 2011

A bit of a short week this week with work until Thursday. I’ve put in for the package once more as “If your not in it you can’t win it”. It’s an odd place at the moment with the ones laughing and joking are the ones that are leaving.

Had a takeaway Thursday evening and it didn’t agree with me in a big way, I had a trip to the doctors scheduled in on Friday morning and was OK with the blood pressure coming in at something resembling normal. Had planned to ride out to the Eureka but things were just getting worse.

The 705 was going to go back to Garmin for a repair and I even got as far as buying a jiffy bag for it. Next thing was the Kinlan email server going down again. It does this every year as the domain comes up for renewal. Shouldn’t really affect the blog as it is hosted by WordPress but it does.
Spent the day listening to a TwoJohns podcast, these guys are an acquired taste and I don’t think I’ve got it. Listened to one dated a year ago that had them throwing in the towel, likewise last weeks had them doing it again only to get an email or two to answer.  Duration 2hrs 20min says it all.
This weeks was 1hr 33min which was an improvment but still about 45 mins too long. Good stuff seems to get sidetracked by schoolboy stuff like which way do women wear bibshorts.
They really need to sit down and listen to themselves or the RealPeloton once.

Other things in the pipeline, Tacx software upgrade to V3 possibly brought on by the AlpineCols app for Chrome that Paul sent me last week. Some look great in Streetview.

Saturday: Nearly a washout with overnight rain and I’m supposed to be going up to Irby to Vita Cycles for a test ride on a Sabbath September.  Didn’t feel too good in the morning but the sun came out and I thought I’d give it a go.
Headed out to Irby via RestHill , Barnston and Mere lane into a headwind, as I was down to 10mph and this didn’t bode well.

As it turned out things went really well with the guys from Sabbath measuring the Trek up to set the September up. I haven’t given much thought to position and setup but once the tape measure and plumbbob came out it did arouse some curiosity in me. A normal setup is seat 6cm above the the bars, mine is 10cm and would be classed as race or timetrialing. It’s fairly obvious when you look at it side on compared with another bike it just screams race. A lot if not all of this is due to Lance Armstrongs original Madone 5.2 design, it has one of the shortest headtubes around. Another thing is I’m running the full set of spacers on the stem and I’ve been even lower at one stage!
That’s my problem in a nutshell, I’ve been riding around on a racebike for 4 years and all the new models come with comfort or sportive fits because thats what sells.
So how did it go, really, really well.  I’d been told how quiet a ride it was coming off a carbon bike and the Sabbath guys were spot on. It was the first thing I checked when I got back on the Trek.  There were no rattles or squeeks  or creaks just silent forward motion with the wind noise in you ears.
More on this later,  when I’ve sorted out the backlog of bugs and errors on the site


This should openup a GarminConnect window but for some reason doesn’t.

Sunday:  Day out in Southport doing things that granparents do. Called in at Formby Cycles on the way home and took a picture of the Trek ——– because it looks like the way to go, disc brakes on a drop bar road bike. It even has a carbon fork that the Boardman hybrid  bike doesn’t. The image was supposed to be a thumbnail for the post

2 thoughts on “Weekending 27 Feb 2011”

    1. Thanks winston, it’s the way things are going, the industry knows it and is testing the market. Hopefully the Boardman will have a carbon fork, the Trek seems to have a Pace copy. Bring on wheels that you won’t wear out the rim, thinking of carbon wheelsets here, there could be some really fast wheels out there.

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