Weekending 10 Apr 2011

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work, but left my keys in the locker so had a 60 mile round trip to get them back.
Wednesday: First day off but lost the will to ride, went out in winter bibtights as that is what it looked like but found it warmer than it looked. Headed out to the Eureka for a BLT toastie that Keith Boardman had trouble talking over.  Trying to recover from last weeks efforts with wintergreen on some of the leg muscles.
Bumped into Ray who is trying to get 500 miles in this week, he’s 75, he’s already got 300 in and it’s only Wednesday .
The Eureka Challenge is up on the board which is a timed run up the Steps. Once you’ve ridden them you’ll know where they are. A bit like the Shelf. Headed out to Vita  which was shut when I got there, I thought they were out on a ride. If I was having a bad day these guys where having it a lot worse.
The ride theory was a bit misplaced as they had locked themselves out of the shop going for a bite to eat.  Everything was in the locked shop, the landlord gave them the wrong keys etc etc. I picked them up as I was drinking tea a few doors up. Kicking the door in was a non starter, then a stroke of luck. A chance remark to a passing contractor had the lock drilled out in 15 minutes and a new lock fitted in about another 20.
My bike slid down the wall again picking up another coat of Vita green emulsion. Looks worse than it was but the Helicopter film is definitely going on.  A new Conti  GP4000 was purchased as the Conti Attack is showing it’s 2 year age with cuts to the carcass and the bead delaminating.
The Mavic spoke key I ordered from the Bike Factory a while back proved to be the wrong one after all the palava of getting it. Got a card off the Postie saying I need to pick up the carbon fibre stem. Fitted the new tyre and called it a day.
Had planned a spin for Thursday but it looks like a trip to the postie and BF in Chester are in order.
Dave’s efforts on the Vita ride on last Saturday went down well. I did think it would be totally bonkers, this weeks ride is supposed to be a bit slower. 12 turned up which is a good number for virtually word of mouth, Shaun should get some credit for this.
Home to protect the legs.
Thursday: Headed down to the post office to pick up the carbon stem only to find it was a carbon wrap as I hadn’t read the description properly.  A trip to the Bike Factory took longer than it should for a Mavic spoke key.
Booked a spinning class in West Kirby.
Friday: Had planned to get out early but spent about 3 hours trying to get the Dummies Guide page sorted on what was one of the best days of the year so far.
I’ve had a comment from RidewithGPS.com so needed to sort the Routing out.
The Eureka beckoned so it was plan a Course with RidewithGPS.com and see how it performed in action and when tested by going off Course.
As it turned out it stuck the Coursepoints on the turns and alerted you if you went off Course.  The only fly in the ointment is the CoursePoint is directly on the junction which has been a problem from day 1.
Had a BLT toastie at the Eureka and then headed back home via Vita. The Vita ride on a Saturday  may be a none starter again as I have to pick a shock absorber first thing as VW parts shut at midday.

Saw the Youtube Boris Bikes spinning class yesterday, brilliant. Deserves to go viral.


6 thoughts on “Weekending 10 Apr 2011”

  1. Thanks Frank, rides going well, will do a slower one on the SUnday. We did a hills session tonight round black horse and montgomery, 12 turned up – geat number. As hard as you like up the hills and easy recovery between. We did three laps but I did three before the group arrived so 25 miles and 1600 ft of climbing. Brilliant group enjoyed it too. New orbea with carbon wheels was a joy….

  2. Thanks for the link Tony, I’m in work and Paul has just got back from 2 weeks in the US and judging by his Tweets will be in no fit state to spend a day on the trains. Did it last year and it was great.

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