Weekending 12 June 2011

Monday: Tex,s morning  spinning class at the Oval . Started stripping the varnish off the Carbitubo only to find paint stripper isn’t what it used to be.Evening spinning class at West Kirby.
Tuesday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby cancelled due to Barbara throwing a sickie . Spent 30 mins on the exercise bike in the gym at 150 watts.
Couldn’t get a replacement evening class as they are all full on the online booking system.
Route for the Bob Clift memorial came.
Note to self, NEVER EVER EVER press the back button when planning a route on BikeRouteToaster.com
Wednesday: Spent most of the morning stripping and cleaning cassettes trying to get to grips with the jumping chain under load. Set up the rear mech from scratch. Cut back the inner sleeve to make sure that wasn’t fouling. Headed out to the Eureka, saw Keith Boardman doing some secret training on the Brimstage time trial circuit.
Got caught in a shower at Willaston so hid under a tree till it passed.
BLT toastie and it was time to head back with Keith Boardman coming back from his secret training.
Still having a problem with the gears so ordered a new cassette from Vita.
Back up Rest Hill it was as bad as it’s ever been with me  getting off the bike to see which gear was worst.
Thursday: Beckies morning spinning class, with one of the newcomers getting off the bike. More work on the bike and another round of throwing a way the past. The Colnago stickers came through the post.
Broke the belt on the vacumn cleaner hoovering up a sock so off to Grange Electrical for a new one. Beats internet shopping hands down.
Leasowe for a spinning class as it was all I could book online, too many chest presses and the like for my liking.
Friday: Waiting in for a new phone and replanning the route for Sunday.
Another disaster with the route planning with Chrome locking up and altering the sheet causing another route loss.
Saturday: Trip up to Vita to see if the  the cassette is in, left with a few gels for the ride tomorrow. Planed ride again , this time in Windows and it work. I should know this ride off pat the number of times I’ve done it and lost it.
Bumped in to Peter at the Eureka who has recently come back from a ride through France including a climb of the Ventoux. It was still freezing at the summit despite being about 30 deg C at the bottom.
Sunday: Bob Clift Memorial Ride, 100 miles, think this is my 4th. Forecast is grim, just how grim I was to learn about an hour into the ride.

<iframe width=’465′ height=’548′ frameborder=’0′ src=’http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/92235839′&gt;

Unable to get a new cassette in time I had to make do with the one I had fitted in an attempt to cure the jumping. Well it didn’t work as it started to slip around Willington Hall with me falling off the front I’d bee sharing with Phil. Things got worse going up the switchback at Delamere despite using the cable adjuster.
The weather front finally moving in just before arriving at the first stop at the Ice Cream Farm, Great Budworth. Caught up with Phil and the other two riders and had a chat inside before setting out on the next stage.
Riders much reduced on the 100 mile route with only 19 opting for it, in contrast 90 plus opted for the 50 mile route with over 30 signing up on the day.

Before I forget, the 800 came up with ” Truncating Route” when I fired it up at the start which is a new one on me but didn’t bode well.
Things got wetter and wetter as the ride progressed, I’d changed to waterproof gloves at the stop but knew it would be a loosing battle in the end. Hit Alderley Edge  which lived up to it’s name as Bentley country with one passing me. Turned on to the Macclesfield Road and knew I was in trouble, at about 10% the chain was playing up. Had to stop on the climb and adjust the rear mech so it didn’t jump in the lowest gear. As long as I had one good gear it didn’t matter about the rest.

Midway stop was a Polytunnel this year with the rain rattling against the polythene. It was time to move on as I’d be there all day if I didn’t make a move.
I had Phil and company on my tail on the way back and held out to the Jesse Hughes institute where they opted to take the direct route to the finish.

It was a good job I had a tailwind on the return leg or I’d still be out there now.
I don’t know what happened with the route but at one stage I was routed down a footpath by a stream and came out on someones drive. No wonder car satnav drivers are ending up in rivers or worse.
The run into Waverton had me in the big ring doing 25 mph with it throwing it down and the roads awash, just wanting to get it over.  Interesting ride, still got a 100 miles in me despite the weather.  

One thought on “Weekending 12 June 2011”

  1. Saw your comment about needing a helmet-cam to record bas****s who cut you up. I got a very small mini dv camera from an online shop in Cornwall abot 18 months ago. With a 4 gig micro sd card the package came to about £100. The same camera is now available for less than £10 on Amazon! Battery charge lasts for 1hr 40 min, so it’s ok for relatively short rides, but I found it useful for riding around Wirral, recording driver antics especially along the lanes (Meols-Greasby) and idiots by the Cottage Loaf who don’t seem to realise what double white lines in the middle of the road mean. It’s only 3″x 1.5″x.75″ and mine came with all sorts of fitting attachments.

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