Weekending 03 July 2011

Liverpool Chester Liverpool 2011
Nice day for a nice ride.

Should have rode the 87 mile event as I was back by 11.45

Bumped in to Paul from work, still waiting for his bike on the cycle to work scheme.


Nearly everyone freewheeled down to the midpoint where the speed differences started to show on the climb out.
Quite a few stop at the tollbooths to rest/regroup.
It’s always great to ride through to tollbooths for free.


Big ring after this and I’m flying. Met up with Team Wallace and Grommit who bummed a free ride from KFC. At least they didn’t have the cheek to do the tunnel unlike the usual suspect Liverpool clubs.

Marshalling was  a bit hit or miss with riders getting waved through red lights even though the ride organisers stressed not to do it.
Likewise riding 3 abreast on the Chester High Road before theThorton Hough turn off is not sensible.
The traffic calming islands just exacerbate the situation.

Nice section of the ride going through Thorton Hough, pity the oak tree outside the Smithy had to be cut down. 

Pretty much on my own at this point but grabbed a wheel from a handy chap on a Pinarello who was on the 87 mile ride. Looked to be behind schedule if I had caught him up.


The gated lane with 5 gates, could have done with marshals on these but it went ok. CTC have this down to a fine art.

The stop at Chester had me meeting up with Team Wallace and Grommit and heading to the Claire House Gazeebo for some sun tan lotion.  Saw one of the Vita Cycles Team heading out on the Delamere loop.


Had a bit of fun in the tunnel on the return leg, tucking in behind a guy using tri bars doing 30+. Surprised to see bottles being discarded in the tunnel with about a 1/4 mile to go, it’s not that steep a climb and it’s not the Tour.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 03 July 2011”

  1. thats me! in the last photo wearing the blue helmet!! followed your blog for a while frank, your a real inspiration to me. was a great day on sunday cheers.

  2. Hi Frank,
    I must have just missed you as I finished a few minutes after you. However I was on a pure leisure ride with my Dad who was reputed to be oldest in the event at 75. We just did the 25 mile Wirral loop which was enough for him. Generally a great day out with superb weather (no wind and sun). I didnt have the stomach for a long ride after finishing JOGLE and opted out of the 90 miler with my brother. First time I have done the event, going through the tunnel was great. I felt the route on the Wirral wasn’t the best with some busy roads mixed with poor marshalling. I too was waved across when there was a car coming in the opposite direction. Still, it has encouraged my Dad to get out there again and do some cycling so it achieved the objective.

    1. Thanks for the link, it’s about the going rate. Not sure of the time as I spent 15-20 minutes stopped at Chester. If you replaced the Mersey Tunnel with the ferry you could do this ride anytime you put your mind to it. A Wirral coastal route using the River Dee cycle path would be a cracking ride, might get a bit crowded on a mass ride but it’s there 7 days a week.

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