Tour de Frank 2014

By the time I post this I will be into the last week of the Tour de France 2014.  What a roller coaster it has been. I bypassed the Yorkshire stages and went straight to London and we plonked ourselves on the Mall at 300 meters to go.

A journalist interviewed Val and I with Val noting his name.

Screenshot 2014-08-10 at 07.21.20Next day we were in the Financial Times!

I think I made the right choice to stay out of Yorkshire even though millions made it to the stages.  London did what it does best with a stage finishing on the Mall.

The Chunnel had a fire in it so the crossing on Tuesday was delayed by an hour or so, but we made it. Then it was straight to Arrenburg for the cobbles wildcamping for the night. Two stages were cancelled due to bad weather right next to us

No pictures at the moment. Plenty to come when I get back.

Now at the base of Hautacam waiting for the stage in 2 days. Two weeks in I have enough of the road, the final week will be here. Stunning views a trip to remember, as for the race there is on Nibali left.

11 July Epernay to Nancy stage.

The day before the stage I decided to go for a ride and rode 3 Kms on the wrong side of the rode.

Straight roads as ever. There was a french family parked up on the part that the Tour wasn’t taking.

The French Cycling Federation were busy giving the local kids a trial of BMX and other events.

This came through after the roads had been closed.

With that it was time to get back to the campsite through one of the nicest villages we had passed through.

Google Camera Compilation

Google is now processing your photographs in the background giving shots like the above or panoramas.


Screenshot 2014-08-10 at 07.21.20



Screenshot 2014-08-11 at 09.32.46

Screenshot 2014-08-09 at 21.08.48 Just to prove your tracker works abroad with no data roaming. Say bye bye to monthly tracking costs.

Screenshot 2014-08-11 at 09.16.09



Screenshot 2014-08-09 at 22.04.16



Screenshot 2014-08-11 at 09.11.14



Screenshot 2014-08-11 at 09.07.56

Can’t fault the Snooper 9500 other than the fact that France does not do DAB very much. I could have done with the race radio frequency but the app was just as good. It’s nice to know the tracker is there working away in the background. From the start other than Crystal Palace there where only 3 sites booked and that was at last minute with a few complications.

Be advised French IT systems may not accept your phone or Ipad for booking online, that was the biggest learning point this year.

It was a monumental trip and a lot will not make it into this post each day was an adventure. At one stopover I gave the woman that ran the site the Yorkshire Tea we picked up in London. It was one moment of many.  We arrived late to what was a restricted entrance. It didn’t stop her  bollocking a waiting driver saying that we were on “holiday”.

Name Arrival Nights Stars Cost £ Cost € Mileage
Crystal palace 05/07/2014 3 4 £58.00 9152
Orchies Wild Camping 1 0 €0.00 9327
Ribemont 1 2 €10.00 9430
Camping de La Pelouse 10/07/2014 2 2 44.32€
Camping les Cigognes 12/07/2014 3 3 55.38€ 9798
Camping Les Merilles 15/07/2014 2 46.52€ 9944
Camping St James Les Pin 18/07/2014 2 3 44.40€ 10214
Camping Du Mas De rey 20/07/2014 1 4 €33.10 10432
Camping Du Lavedan 21/07/2014 5 186.20€ 10743
Camping Nontron 26/07/2014 1 2 17.24€ 11016
Camping Mamers 27/07/2014 1 2 11.00€ 11285
 £58 €448.16


There is another night of wild camping to add to the above. If I knew what I know now it will be a lot less next year.  Two star sites were half the price of 3 and 4 star ones with the only difference being entertainment being laid on and a pool.

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