CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Mold via Little Mountain

Boy was it cold when I set off for the Eureka Cafe from the Hills of Higher Bebington.This was despite having the full complement of Aldi Cycle Thermals on, the Aldi Winter tights, socks, overshoes, and an Aldi long sleeve running shirt under the Biemme jacket. I gave the Aldi running cap a miss and opted for a Thinsulate fleecy hat. BBB gloves this time out and these were the only thing to let me down as my hands were cold by the time I reached the Eureka Cafe. The temperature was 0 deg C.

I’d opted to ride out with the Merseyside CTC section as the Chester and North Wales CTC section were off to the cycle sale at the Northgate, the last thing I need at the moment is more cycling gear. The Chester section departed at 10  and we set off at about 10.40. The group quickly formed and set off, it was that quick I didn’t get chance to take a decent photo of the start.

It followed the usual route down Woodbank Lane towards Queensferry. and the rollcall reads, Gordon, Chris,Ken,George,Ken, Tom,Paul, Rachel and moi. I think I’ve only ever ridden with Gordon before. We are soon at the blue bridge at Queensferry and shortly after what seemed like disaster struck.

I’m sitting on the back and pick up a puncture, we’d seen a bit of glass beforehand.
Well I gave the shout but no one heard, I gave another shout but still no responce. There is no point in shouting a third time when you are coming to a halt and the rest of the group are still steaming ahead at 15mph.

This was one of those ride breaking moments, I hadn’t a clue what route they were going to take, and only knew one of the group vaguely. I was a tad annoyed to say the least.
There was nowt down for it but carry on, swap the tube and hope to meet them at Mold.
As I change the tube and find a shard of glass sticking through the tyre carcas a kid on a mountain bike comes by. He stops and asks if I have any spanners to fix a loose front wheel.

I haven’t but I’m really engrossed in trying to pump up a tyre with the worlds most useless carbon fibre bicycle pump. It’s 66g, looks the part and got me out of this mess but only just. The kid gave up and rode off, cone spanners don’t come with multi tools yet.  

 The puncture repaired.jpg
The puncture repaired I took a picture of the Toy as I set off to catch the group.
Using the knowledge I’d gained on Andys ride to Kinnerton I set off to Mancot, I’d figured the group wouldn’t be going up Eweloe Hill so turned right at the lights just after Makro and headed off up the hill to Mancot. I’m soon through the village of Mancot and up to the Tee junction by the cemetery. Right instead of left this time and a few hundred yards later I’m on one of the steepest climbs of the day into Hawarden village.

At Hawarden I’m waiting to turn right across a stream of Sunday numpties and when I finally make it I glance back and see another cyclist approach the junction. It turns out to be Chris, I had a brief moment where I thought they were looking for me, it wasn’t the case, another rider had suffered a puncture. Puncture number 2.

It was this big!.jpg

I’ve  forgotten where this picture was taken but it is somewhere around Buckley.
Somewhere around here I see Little Mountain and Little mountain trading estate. Its that small it hasn’t made it on to a Google or Ordenance Survey map yet but it does exist.
Anyway It’s good to be back with the group. Rolling along towards Mold we  were about to join the A541 when the cry of “Puncture” goes up again.
Puncture Number 3.jpg

This time it was Rachel,s turn. Just outside Mold there was a stop to look at a plaque that I didn’t get the gist of because I was about 20 yards off the front when the group stopped to look at it.
Mold Tesco,s is proving to be a decent stop, this is the second time I have been there and providing you don’t want something cooked it is easy to take your sandwich or cake to the front of the queue. There is no excuse for taking butties these days as the place is a supermarket teeming with everything. 

Chris at Woodbank.jpg

Stats: 2371 Ft ascended
Punctures: 3
Mileage. 45.67, 18.2 of which is by me getting to the Eureka Cafe.
Max Heartrate for me: 174 BPM.
Calories burnt: 2728 Calories

more to come during the week, maybe a Wednesday ride as well.

Link to Google Map of Route

CTC Ride to Kinnerton (AGM)

I\’ll start off by saying there will a link to Google map at the end of the post that will show the route taken from the Eureka Cafe. If you click on it it should open up a new window.
This is still early days for me with this feature but is set to be a big part of the site.

All my rides start at Higher Bebington at the Travelers Rest Pub and head down Rest Hill, through Thorton Hough to the Eureka Cafe. Today,s ride to the Cafe was a fast one as I was trying to log a fast time for the route I am going to post to the MotionBased site.

Fast forward to the Eureka Cafe which was starting to fill up fast, I managed to order Franks Breakfast before the rush. I was sharing an empty table with Angela (who got one of the cards) and breakfast was soon over. Ray came in and we were soon discussing the Google map of last weeks ride to the Abbey Arms. The detail is amazing and available for all to see. We were that engrossed that we nearly missed the roll call that was outside.

\ Ray, Terry and the Sunlight

 \ I wondered what was so funny.jpg

\Bob pushing his bike to the start!

There is no register this week as we were to split a bit further on. We headed off down the road to Woodbank down the lane heading out towards Sealand and the Welsh border.

Things were going OK untill we joined the path along the Dee and approached the Blue Bridge at Garden City. Here we were stopped by the long arm of the law at what resembled a scene from CSI, which as it turned out was what it was.

Here the group split, a bit further down the cyclepath was a pedestrian entrance with a locked gate. The bikes would have to be manhandled over the gate. Not a problem for Andy he was allready there, no problem for moi, the Toy only weighs 7.5 Kg and I was travelling light today. Next up it was Janet with a much lighter bike this week even with Marmalade sandwidches on board. Finally George passed his bike over and along with Ray we headed off down to the end of the road.

As we were waiting for the group to reform at where we assumed we would all meet up we had the chance to admire Rays latest handiwork. This was in the form of the Indian war paint you can only get from a chain and chainring when parting company from your steed. The cut knee looked far less impressive and thinking about it now it must have hurt. With no sign of the others we headed down to the Blue bridge where the copper the size of a brick outhouse was guarding the entrance to the CSI.


ACycle path at Sealand.jpgndy led us out around the streets and paths of Queensferry to emerge by the new Makro then it was right at the lights at Mancot and up to the Wesh foothills.

\\George Andy Ray and Janet.jpgFurther on.jpg

After the climb out of Mancot up to the cemetory  we took the road to Dobshill. There was a slight problem here as Ray and I pressed on at a good pace to the top at the roundabout. We should have turned off to a track about half way up, thats what happens when you get out of eye and earshot of the leader. Luckily Janet followed us up an redirected us back to the route. we rejoined the route just as George past, it was a short wait for Andy giving us some time to look for a rattle on Janets bike.

Then it was across the footbridge over the A55 and onto the Old Hope Road across the A5104 Mold Road and onto Lower Mtn Road where the pictures of Ray and Janet where taken on the move, which is a bit fiddly at times.

\Ray and Janet.jpgRay heads off into the distance.jpg

 Around the Golly area we had a detour on to Shordley Road  and on to Cobblers lane.It must have been a detour as we saw the main group saunter past the end of the lane. We were either marking time or they were taking the direct route (shortcut) either way we all ended up at the same place. Which was the Scout hut at Higher Kinnerton.

I’ll not dwell on the AGM as this site is not about publishing minutes of CTC AGMs

A small group re-assembled outside and we headed back to the Eureka Cafe. It was all downhill from Kinnerton as they say and we ended up at the footbridge at Saltney.

Heading Back to the Eureka

 Saltney Ferry

It was up through Blacon and then on to the A5117 crossing which was a real bind to cross this time, even though they have removed the barrier in the middle for the coming road improvements.
Now this is where it got interesting for me and it may be of interest to Ray. When I got back onto Woodbank Lane a chap on a racing bike goes past at about 17-19 mph and I set off in pursuit. I pass Bob and another further up the lane and then The Garmin Edge 305 bleeps and tells me to turn left at the top of the lane, I’m still in pursuit of this chap back along the Chester High Road and when it bleeps again and tells me I am at waypoint 2 at the Eureka cafe, absolutley fantastic.It works.

I took a couple of pictures or the returning riders and had a cup of tea in the Cafe.
Then I bumped into The Sicknote Club had a chat with them and rode home with them, the Garmin was bleeping away merrily all the way home signaling the turns.

As I rode up Rest Hill it gave one final bleep as it announced I was approaching the start of the route.

Another great day out, the weather was kind, I got to play with the new gadget, went off the front to give myself a bit of a workout  and generally had a whale of a time.Thanks again everybody.

The route link:

Google map of CTC Ride to Kinnerton