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Raspberry Pi

My first post on my recent purchase of the £26 Raspberry Pi single board computer.  It’s designed to get kids into programming and older kids like me back into hardware. Ordered through Farnell, everything went smoothly. Informed of production delays and it arrived when they said it would. Top marks to Farnell. To get up and running you need: 1. A Raspberry Pi model B 2. A micro USB power supply (Blackberry type plug) 3. An SD card with Debian Linux on it. 4. A USB keyboard (£4.99 at Asda) 5. A USB mouse (£2-95 at Asda) 6. An HDMI cable (£1 at Poundland) 7. An Ethernet cable (came with the router) And that’s it, connect all the cable power up and your back to the days of the Command Line. Startx gets you into Midori web browser. Now to sort out a case, maybe a project for a Maker Night

Have a look at for great articles to get you up and running with the minimum of problems.

My first attempt at the Raspberry Punnet was mainly successful but some of the dimensions needed a tweek as my board revision doesn’t tie up with some of the openings. One other thing is I wouldn’t let a class of kids run amok with a Stanley knife. It needs to be razor sharp to cut the card.

The Lego case seems a far safer option.