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12 Jun 2010

Ordered one today with Heartrate and Cadence. Hopefully it will get it’s first airing on Sunday.
27 April 2009
A year on there is a lot of traffic for this page, a lot has happened in the last year and It’s all been captured in the comments now nearing 400. 

Well it turned up as promised and comes preloaded with a Garmin base map. Now a base map is hardly the most useful map to ride with except if you like riding A roads and motorways.
If your looking at buying a 705 or 605 get a bundle with a Garmin Map. I’ve already got a couple of maps through Ebay and they make or break your enjoyment of Garmin Edge products.

Nov 08 You could always try the OSM maps. It’s free and includes cycle routes. Link not working.  I’ll find another 27 Apr 09

Thanks to Dave for the link. Coverage is good but not total. Just started using it over a Garmin map to see how I get on with it. The cycleroute features are a bonus.

Out of the box the 705 isn’t recognised by Training Centre or MapSource. You need the latest version of TrainingCentre downloaded and installed along with new USB drivers.
These do not come in the box, be warned. Restart your computer to activate the USB drivers.

I hotfooted it down to Costco for a 2gb microSD card for £8.21.
For some reason I could only put 460mB of maps on the card. This was the whole of Topo GB  less a bit of Scotland. The hardest part was selecting the data to export when you haven’t done it before. Again it’s not as if you’ve got a book to examine.

The whole point of the 305 was navigating a Route, the trouble was the TrainingCentre didn’t support Routes.This is why the third party sites like Marengo have sprung up. They address the deficiencies in the Garmin software.

Download Mapsource, your a Garmin user and it is free, also download Nroute while you are at it. MapSource is where your Garmin maps reside they are vector maps and a bit different to OS scanned maps.

I hooked up the 305 and downloaded the Hawk200 route into MapSource. Then exported it to the 705. I couldn’t find any Routes on the 705 but it was under  Where To/Saved Rides. You are given the option of Navigating or Saving to SD when toggling the button.

I’ll cut to the Find option as this now lists all the POI (points of interest) that you get with the automotive Garmins. The Cafe across the road is listed along with ATMs, Hotels etc along with auto routing to them.

Going to try it out in earnest tomorrow. It looks really good I just hope the battery life is up to it.

I’ve been asked a couple of times is a 305 up for long ride such as LEGOG or longer. Well it isn’t. A Garmin Edge 705 with the right map is up for it as it can reroute you automatically.

The manual doesn’t mention Routes  but they are still going to be an important part of an Edge 705 experience. The whole point of an Edge is to get off those main roads and direct routes to get on those quiet roads and lanes.

More to follow including a few pictures when I get around to it.
The 48 year old kid has a new toy.
DSCF3953.jpgBrimstage 7 mile TT start.Finish of BrimstageTTFinish of the Brimstage Time Trial
\The first picture is the new toy in action for the first time. The route for the Brimstage Time Trial is on the screen the second is a picture of the start. This is where all my rides start now. Rest Hill did have a good ring to it.

No warm up for this Time Trial, just pressed Start and went for it. I’ve a set of low end carbon wheels with tubs for the real thing. I won’t have the bag on the back either.
It went really well, wind wasn’t in my favour but I was happy with the colour display in broad daylight. The lights at the Thornton Hough turnoff had a tailback of cars at them and I went up the inside at over 20 mph. Is it better than an Edge 305? Sure it is, it should stop all the moaners that come on here decrying the Edge 305 as a training aid.

A 305 is still a great device. I’m taking mine on tomorrow’s ride as backup. Cadence sensor worked and computed the wheelsize about half a mile into the time trial.

Thats it for now, any questions just ask.

Monday: This evening is all about seeing what Garmin Connect is all about. I’ve installed the Garmin Communicator driver and didn’t have much success last night after the Audax.
Garmin Connect is still a work in progress. I’d like to see more Map and less white space.
For the map lovers there is now Longitude and Latitude. There is no battery life icon anymore which is an item I would still like to see. It wasn’t a problem for me on the Audax but Phil had the 305 12 hour low battery life warning. I’d took a £2 phone top-up charger from Maplin just in case.
Hawk 200 Audax Click to enlarge.

TrainingCentre is still pretty much the same and must still be the preferred method of analysing data. Next up is MotionBased, the data on here is vast, too vast not to incorporate it into Garmin Connect. How would you placate me with well over 100 quality rides. Only to be told well they don’t count anymore because we have changed the system. I’ve also paid for the storage too. Too early to say but Garmin Connect maybe not the choice of serious users. The Facebook and Bebo links sort of give it away and it’s not a scene I am into.

At the moment GPS is the exception rather than the rule for cycling. Devices like the 705 add maps to the logging that the 305/205 did so well. If  your  still looking for a nice pleasant ride use somebodies else’s route as it ain’t going to come out of a SatNav. I still only use the routing functions for events, most of the time is just spent logging.

Deleting Waypoints  is starting to be a bit of a problem. Keith brought it to my attention and although I tried the method in the manual it keeps putting them back.

This needs sorting asap. I’d also like to to delete the places searched for.
16 Apr 08 Spent about an hour or so trying to delete waypoints so I can upload a new route into the 705. Google maps still has the edge over Mapsource when planning a route but the road following feature is nice. (Now sorted with 2.20 upgrade 18 Jun 08)
17 Apr 08  Had a look at google Analytics for the first time in a while. Over 4000 hits for a rolling month for the first time. This page is well in the top 10. Always pleased to see the diet link in the top 10 with over 300 people linking to it.

Thanks for all the comments so far, there is a lot of sound advice in them. I’ll incorporate some of them into this page so the search engines will pick up on them.  I’ll be trying a Course soon to see what it looks like. Brimstage 7 mile TT should be just the thing.

19 Apr 08 One problem I am having is deleting Recent Finds there seems to be no way of deleting them at the moment. More on this when I sort it.

Don’t edit your profile on the Edge send it to the Edge from the Training Centre this way if you don’t get asked which profile to use. If you change profiles you loose your History and you don’t want to do that EVER.

25 Apr 08 Here is a link to the Garmin downloads page for Mapsource and other downloads.

09 May 08 Update on the difference between Points on an Edge. Thanks to Dave for posting the Question.

Trackpoints: Your log of the route taken once you’ve pressed the start button. (nothing is logged until you press Start.)

Waypoints:Used as part of a Route. You Navigate a Route, the compass page is enabled and it always points to the next waypoint.
Which when you plan your Route will be a road junction. If you name your waypoint with the turn direction (RT/LT) you get an instant signal on which way to turn at the junction. 100 Waypoint limit

CoursePoints:Built in to your Edge. Another 100 Coursepoint limit but harder to program as they can only be added to a Course(previous ride) using the TrainingCentre. You need a Garmin Map for it to be useful. CoursePoints behave like Waypoints in that you get the bleeps and countdown to the junction. Not widely used as it is fiddley to program. Not supported by many third party applications.
10 May 08 Update Now getting 5100 hits a month and 1700 just on this page. As you may gather lots of comments too. A lot of you are having problems with planning Routes  partly this is the result of the other third party Google based route planners all offering something slightly different. Partly the legacy of the Edge305 not having built in maps. So here is my roundup of the Google route planners.

Marengo Plots Routesusing the 100 Garmin waypoints. Straight forward, works, saves to 305 via GPSBabel, 705 via MapSource.GPX format. Free registration.

MapMyRide  Plots Coursesno 100 waypoint limit but a Course is not a route. Small map area due to adverts and sidebar. Free registration.

BikeRouteToaster Plots Courses but with CoursePoints. CoursePoints are built into your Edge and there is no 100 waypoint limit. Some nice features in this software. 17,000 points in a 705 so a should plot a long course. No Waypoints.

29 May 08Update. Just had a comment from Dave F about Garmin Maps on microSD cards. Comment 80. If your starting from scratch with no Garmin Maps you need the CD or DVD version of the Map. A microSD Card map will not upload to your PC.
The bad news is that it now £400 for that bundle compared to £350 for the microSD bundle. I’ve seen the card version for £50.  More later
30 May 08I think the waypoint deletion problem is now sorted after the latest upgrade. It seemed to work OK for me with tomorrows big ride coming up.

                              ********* IMPORTANT*********
Before you purchase your 605/705 you need to decide if you want the Dvd map or the SD card map. TrainingCentre and MapSource need the Dvd map. You cannot upload the SDcard map into TrainingCentre.
The SD card map will work straight out the box but means you won’t be able to see that much detail in TrainingCentre or MapSource.
Topo products are not the same as the Digital Maps such as TrackLogs, Anquet in the UK they are vector maps and look a lot different than a 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map.
SD card maps are cheaper than DVD maps.
With DVD maps you export the map area you are interested in into your microSD card.

It makes sense to do a search for the bundle you require as in my eyes you are looking at a significant amount of money for what many would regard as a toy for a bike.

Thanks to DaveF for pointing out the difference. Comment 80.

PC BaseMapCity Navigator snapshot 

If your new to the Garmin Maps the above screenshots illustrate the difference between the BaseMap in your 605/705 and a CD or DVD Garmin map product.  TopoGB looks very similar too but with contours. TopoGB is not comparable to a UK Ordnance Survey map as A, it uses vector technology and B it has no scale. It will however download onto your Edge  memory card. 

18 June 08     **********   Multiple  Routes ************
Thanks to bumping in to Graham on the Bob Clift Memorial ride the Multiple Route problem is sorted. He has just done LEJOG on his 705 and it is just down to a subtle difference in how you export your Route into the Edge.
Do notuse MapSource to export multiple Routes, all it does is append the Routes into a file called Temp in the Garmin/GPX folder. (100 Waypoint limit)
All you do is open up your Memory Card/Garmin/Gpx folder. Then open up My Documents and drag and drop the GPX Routes across. I’ve just drag and dropped 11 Audax rides across and before that I could only ever see 2 rides.
The Routes are all off Marengo so are all a series of Waypoints. They are not Courses or Tracks saved as Route just a plain Gpx series of Waypoints about 10kB in size.
Anything bigger and it not going to be a Route Gpx file.

Coupled with the Delete all Waypoints update it is a major improvement in Garmin Edge 705 useability. Multiple daylong rides are now an option without having to take a computer with you. It’s a pity Garmin didn’t explain this more fully as it is a major breathrough for long distance cyclists.

19 June 08 Just had an Email off Tracklogs saying their GPX files can be drag and dropped into the Edge 705 here is the text.

Hot Developments.
We’ll be using this section at the end of our newsletter to let you know what our developers are up to. No prizes for guessing we’ve been focused on web development recently. With the new website complete and launched we’re now turning our attention to new GPS units coming out of Garmin and how best to support them. Of the new GPS models the Edge cycle computers are generating the most interest, particuarly the Edge 705. Initial tests show our GPX files can be dragged direct into these units, direct support is on its way.

13 July 08 Time to add a 705 Route Planning Tutorial. It’s very similar to a Edge 305 Route but the means of getting it into your 705 is different.
Just to reinforce what a Route is. A Route is a series of 100 Waypoints that you ride to. At a Waypoint (junction) you will get a bleep and a countdown to the junction. If you name the Waypoint as your turn direction (ala Marengo) you will instantly know which way to turn.

31 Oct 08  Using your 705  at night. You can ride a Course at night and use CoursePoints to warn you of the turns. The Edge turns the backlight on when gives a warning signal. This can be a Waypoint, CoursePoint, OffCourse or paused message. It’ll stay lit for the length of the backlight timer setting.
If you want to see the screen at night pressing the power button once  will bring the backlight to 50% as will the toggle button, sideways will not alter the screen your on.

09 Jan 09software version update to 2.60.  First thing to hit me was more options on lack of satelite reception. Time to go through all the options again to see what has changed.

27 Apr 09 GarminConnect is starting to get it’s act together, with the player useful for sharing your rides with others.

24 Jan2010 For basic mapping and any other problems you  should be looking to the Garmin Gonnect forum. The phone lines are still usefull for a specific problem that isn’t  covered on this blog. I hope to convert to a forum to unable more  invidual input.



578 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 705”

  1. Frank,

    What’s it like for navigation? Does it take you away from main roads and is Garmin Topo enough to navigate with?


  2. Dave, there is an offroad version in it. It is something I’ll have to look into. Other than that it’s just like a 305 except the screen is colour. I’ve put Topo GB2 on the microSD card no problem.
    It is also loaded with all the POI,s Shops, Restaurants ATMs so if you need cash on a ride it’ll take you there.

  3. Sorry, what I meant is, can you tell the unit that you want to get to Loggerheads (off the top of my head) and it will navigate a route for you (hopefully avoiding main roads/motorways)?


  4. Dave,
    The Edge 705 doesn’t do Locations, the only way I could get it to route was to save a Waypoint at Loggerheads. Once Loggerheads gets a POI like a cash machine its never going to feature on a 705.
    Cross Country routing is as the crow flies, Road Routing is the same as the the Car Satnavs, Major Roads first which is a pity.

  5. If you have the road maps rather than the topo ones will cross country give you as shortest road route? or will it just not give you that option?

    I want to do LEJOG next year and, in theory, it seems like the ideal navigator if you can get it to guide you where you want to go rather than trying to take you straight up the motorways (or whatever). The waypoint limit could be a problem – but wondered if they can be juggled between the unit & the SD card or something – or the possibility of creating the route as courses (possibly by conversion from another format) without having previously ridden them. I might just get one anyway & see if I can beat it into submission (metaphorically at least)!

    Lots of questions for now – now many answers yet.

  6. Paul is right (sent you an email, Frank), City Navigator is far superior. It’s a shame that the retailers for this device weren’t able to offer any useful advice on map choice 😦


  7. Paul, Dave I\’ve City Navigator V6 that I haven\’t tried on the 705 yet. City Select does routing and placename search. Topo GB seems the poor choice for the Edge. It looks a bit better with the contours but in real life it\’s only going to be of any use to walkers and maybe Mountain bikers.
    The manual is still very poor for a device this complex, it is little better than the Edge 305 manual.

    I can see why Tracklogs and MemoryMap are prefered by the Mountainbike community. On a PC you get a whole lot more bells and whistles than you get on MapSource.


  8. I agree if using topoGB its still best to make tracks or routes on memory map for mountain biking and save to device as a .gpx, oh and memory map say they are working on compatability with the 705. For road riding city navigator is great.

  9. Frank
    Got my Edge 705 last week and also mapsource Navigator NT, it is a great bit of kit but will need some software updates to fix a few bugs I have already found. Mapsource is okay but can be a bit fiddly to create long routes but you can only copy 1 route at a time to the unit, at present if you copy a 2nd route it overwrites the 1st route on the unit, you can workaround this by saving 1 route to the unit and the other to the SD card but the bototm line is you are limited, this is a serious limitation for someone like me who wants to do the LEJOG and though I could just create one route per day, however I contacted Garmin and they think this is a bug and will be fixed. Other than that a great piece of kit.

  10. Frank sorry to hijack your blog but Max if you create a route in mapsource then save as a .gpx (under file save as)on your computer,you can then copy to the gpx folder on the edge. Ive got ten routes saved this way hope this helps.

  11. Hi Frank,
    Just trying to get to grips with my new Edge605 and routes. I have managed to plot a route on Memory Map, convert the file to .gpx using ‘GPS Utility’ software and then connect my 605 to the PC, where I copy the .gpx file into the GPX folder on the device.

    Going to the menu of the 605, I go to saved rides and there are my route(s) – all okay so far. But when I click on a route and click ‘navigate’ it tries to route me to the separate waypoints via the nearest main road!!! (as opposed to directing my in a straight line between waypoints).

    I have tried going into the settings and turning off things like ‘follow roads’, etc. but on the map view is still shows the route going to/from the nearest main road.

    I have checked the .gpx files and they show a clear line linking between the waypoints, but the 605 doesn’t seem to what to follow the direct route.

    Any help you can give before I through my new toy out of the pram will be appreciated…

  12. Frank also sorry to hijack your blog but hopefully its all for the greater good of cyclists using garmin edge 705’s. Paul thanks for that it works a treat and means I can plan my LEJOG days without waiting for Garmin to fix the problem whereby sending routes to your device using the “send to device” feature within mapsource just overwrites the last file sent. Many thanks.

  13. Paul, one final thing is there any difference between saving a route as GDB v3 format and GPX format ? Will it make any difference regarding the units ability to provide turn by turn directions and forthcoming turnings warnings ? Thanks again, is there any other way to exchange information and ask questions other than blogging up Franks blog as I feel a touch guilty or is this the point of this so all interested parties can see useful information ? Thanks again

  14. Keith, what map are you using in Edge?
    Also under Settings Routing I have it set to Follow Road and avoid Major Streets.
    I haven’t used mine an the base map yet but it sounds like an odd problem. Some of the utilities don’t seem to like the 605/705 for some reason.
    Max your not Hijacking the blog the are about 1500 visitors a month just looking at the Edge stuff. There are loads of people with the same problems we have.
    Sounds like your going to be the first one to do LEJOG on a 705. Let us know how you get on.

  15. Max both formats work the same on the edge but if you save your route as a .gpx and want to open it in mapsource again each waypoint direction will be as the crow flies. Best way in my opinion is to save your routes in mapsource as .gdb format and then save as .gpx as well if you are sending to the edge.

  16. Keith if you create a route in memory map it will try to follow roads best way is to create tracks if you want direct route from waypoint to waypoint. also when you have created your track you can save as a .gpx by clicking on track, click save as, enter name then choose gps exchange files from the drop down list. No need for gps utility.

  17. Frank – I’m using the base map on the Edge – frustrating thing is it seems as though I wouldn’t have this problem with a 205/305 as the unit wouldn’t ‘know’ any roads to try and route me via! It just seems odd that for a route linking 4 waypoints, the navigation ignores going via waypoint 1, instead wanting to take me to the nearest road it knows, back off this road to WP2, then back to the main road and on to WP3, etc…?

    Paul – thanks for your advice – I will try creating a track and converting that. Unfortunately I only have the 2004 Memorymap, which doesn’t have the option to save as .gpx.

    I’d like to be able to use Memorymap, as this is the best way for me to plot rides (I mainly do off-road), but any advice or alternatives for addressing this problem would be appreciated…

  18. Keith, you need a map for your Edge. If your going off-road it is going to have to be Topo GB V2. Mapsource is not bells and whistles MemoryMap. Limited areas of the non Garmin software are very reasonable on CD. You could buy an area that you ride and plan your rides on that.
    This is very early days for this type of of device. We are literally the product testers.

  19. Sorry Frank – the issue I am having is that I’m not worried about having a map to follow – I just want to follow a route. Currently my Edge605 takes me to the nearest road (stored on the base map) to start a route and then back to the second waypoint.

    I used to have a Geko and it would simply follow the route. all i want to do is be directed from one waypoint to another – the simple examples of routes i have loaded onto the edge should enable me to do the same, surely?

    I cannot help but think there is something simple i am missing – cannot believe the edge is incapable of following a route without taking me to and from a road i dont want to go on (i have tried ticking ‘avoid main roads’ option, but no change)…

  20. Keith, start from scratch. Delete the route and delete all the waypoints. Redo a simple route in the lokes of Marengo save it as a GPX file then load it into Mapsource. Then save it to your 605.
    This is what I did and it worked first time.
    GPSUtility 4.51 doesn’t see my 705 as it doesn’t like the new USB drivers.

    Keith just back from the TT route and observed something like your problem. I’d moved a waypoint about 40 feet. On the last leg it was bleeping at me to head South a few times where there are no Waypoints. Also I want to know why it calculates a Route when you just want to ride your pre planned Route.
    I’m wondering if it calculates a Course and tries to follow that. On a 305 it would be telling you you are off Course.

  21. Your right Frank that works also works with memory map keith make a route and save as .gpx ,open in mapsource then send to device via the send icon.