Dummies Guide to the Garmin Edge 810 (pending)

New page for the New Garmin Edge 810.

I’ve only seen the videos of it and it does seem to have pinched some of the Strava ideas at first glance.  More to follow, probably links to other features until I can get my hands on one.



3 thoughts on “Dummies Guide to the Garmin Edge 810 (pending)”

  1. What’s the best map programme/CD to buy for the Garmin Edge 810 as I want more detail than the maps that are on there. I have an old Edge 605 and have used City Navigator NT Europe and Mapsource. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. At this stage a Garmin product is probably the best advice. A cheap smartphone and Google Maps is the cheapest option. The problem is you have Europe map which is not the same scale as a GB ordnance survey bundle that they now offer.

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