This page is for those that know me through work.
Boy could I have some fun with this page if I ever decided to throw my hand in. That could be sooner than later (07 Jul 08) No longer the place I joined 10 years ago. Seems to be populated by back stabbing yes men. I can tell it like it is but you wouldn’t want to hear it. Recommended PPE stab proof vest. 

This page is going to have a short future life, the before picture has been relocated, traffic is minimal and contributes little to the site.

The rest of the site is probably too focused on cycling and the Weight Management side of it only applies if you are within the boundaries of the Wirral Area Health Authority.

I’m being asked about twice a day now about my weight loss as there is now a noticeable difference.
First of all thanks for all the positive comments it’s been most encouraging.
The second thing that most people are asking is how far I want to go or do I have a target weight. The truth is I haven’t at the moment but below 100kg is achievable and is not something I would have thought possible a few months ago.
This was some time ago. I’ve now set myself a maximum weight of 88 Kg.
For those that are thinking it but are afraid to ask “I have not got cancer”.

The plan:

This is a link to booklet that I am using


Other BHF publications.

Food at work is now limited to a salad I have to order every day as the rest of the Fayre looks like it has no place in any of the above publications. Vending machines are full to the brim with stuff I don’t eat anymore. A Caesar salad just about ok but I ask for no dressing to be put on it. Update 09 Oct 06 the salad now gets a jacket potato put on it (when they are available!!!, a canteen with no jacket potato,s for a week, what madness is that). The healthy options chicken breast and tuna steak have also been added to the list but for the life of me I can’t see why I have to order it 2 hours in advance. A lot of the menu you would be able to feed to school kids these days thanks to Jamie Oliver.

I’ve been asked for before and after pictures so the diet can be flogged on Ebay, it,s not mine to sell and the polite (printable) answer is no.

You no longer have to add an email address to a comment so the above holds true.
This page was written a few months ago and it looks like some of the figures will have to be revised, the 100kg target looks like it needs to be 80 kg which would be a BMI of less than 25 (normal). Current BMI is 26.6 which is the overweight class.
Don’t bother trying to tell me the BMI figure is flawed and that athletes would be classed as obese, you’ve just wasted your breath and have gone into the black book under the fool category.
Just seen some similar rubbish in The Times letter page, just goes to prove there are idiots at all levels of society.(14 Dec06)

I’ve just picked up one of the latest issue of company fleeces. In my absence an XL was ordered for me, I was previously an XXL along with a fair few others. Just sticking my arm in the sleeve of the XL size proved it was way too big. With a bit of horse trading I’ve now got a M (medium). You are reading this right, I’ve gone from XXL to M in two years. To put it into perspective I used to fill an XL Tyvek and I do mean fill one. When the cheaper versions were introduced I had problems with them splitting.


20 thoughts on “Work”

  1. Frank, you have created an interesting site which is well put together and well expressed. Keep up the good work and get down to 12 stones. In case you have forgotten me – we were on the whitchurch ride together today (10 Sept)


  2. frank
    congratulations on an interesting website and your ongoing health regime. by the way, homeward bound was supposedly written at widnes train station not runcorn by paul simon(obviously he was feeling very homesick after visiting widnes)
    keep up the good work

  3. Dave,
    being a student of the Halton College of Further Education, the Runcorn station always looked particualy bleak when crossing the bridge after a fun filled day in Widnes. This station I have to see, maybe with a picture for the site. I defer to your greater knowledge and will modify the post (we don\’t want to alter history).
    It wouldn\’t be you that left me the comment about where to put the proposed shift pattern change by any chance?



  4. frank
    i can only guess where you were told to put the proposed shift pattern because i am not responsible for the comment. i noticed one of your cycle routes took you near tattenhall, the ice cream farm there is well worth a stop. the last time we went there were quite a few bike riders stopping there for a well earned ice cream.

  5. Dave,
    sorry to imply that it was your doing. The point is I did find it funny (you\’d have to see the note). I\’ve been to the Ice cream farm a few times with various groups including the Sick Note Club. Its a nice destination to cycle to and the roads and lanes of Cheshire are really nice to ride.
    Hot Scones are really good, no butter or cream here, I am on a diet after all.(sorry I meant healthy eating plan)
    We get a discount for turning up the way we do, that may partly explain the popularity. It\’s still a good place discount or not.

  6. I WAS the 2nd from the right. Might try and get a followup if I can get the others to agree. Then it would be a before and after.

  7. Frank, firstly congratulations on your progress, really fantastic. I have to disagree with you on your adherence to BMI though- from the photo you appear to be of average height, which means BMI is more relevant to you, but for short or tall people it is practically useless. e.g. Michael Jordan 6’6″ 213 pounds in his prime. BMI = 25. Overweight? Surely not. The Times misses the point- it’s not that Jordan is muscular – rather that he is tall. The formula is absolutely useless in comparing people of different heights. BMI = mass (kg) / [height (m) squared]. In reality, if an object is scaled up, its volume increases as the cube, so the formula should be mass/ [height cubed]. More on this here:

    >Don’t bother trying to tell me the BMI figure is flawed and that >athletes would be classed as obese, you’ve just wasted your breath >and have gone into the black book under the fool category.
    >Just seen some similar rubbish in The Times letter page, just goes >to prove there are idiots at all levels of society.(14 Dec06)

  8. Simon, what are you trying to say here? Comparing Michael Jordan who is not overweight with a BMI of 25 whatever his height is.
    The ones I have been quoted are Rugby players who are built like brick outhouses.
    If you had come back with your BMI I’d have had a better picture too.
    As far as I can see all that this links does is take the obese and morbidly obese people down a category. It might make a few(1in3) feel better and less stigmatised but it doesn’t get away from the fact that their weight is damaging their health.

    Lets get to specifics, Me. Are you seriously trying to tell a guy who was 132Kg and had touble climbing a flight of stairs that he was obese, not morbidly obese and only needed to loose maybe a stone and everything would be alright.

    I’ve played the BMI game more than a few times at work with work colleagues. There are a few with a BMI of 29.8 with a gut hanging over their 34-36 in waist trousers that would love your link. That’s if they are honest with their weight which I suspect they aren’t.

    Go over 30(obesity)and there is a wall of denial. I’ve got it wrong etc etc Michael Jordan is obese etc etc.

    Now when I went to the Quacks last they measured my waist, they are now on performance related pay so to speak. So for me with a BMI of 29.9 or less and a waist size of less than 40 inches they have met a target. I feel great for it.

    Now Simon do you want to go in the black book or not?

  9. Excellent website and lots of food (ahem) for thought. I defnitely see echoes of myself…I’m a couple of stones lighter than my 21 stone peak and trying to find an exercise and eating regime that works. The exercise I enjoy..I enjoy gym work and carry a lot of muscle…but the food…much more tricky. I’ve found myself in the fit but overweight category. I find….watch what I eat …one pound loss per week…4 gym visits per week …1 pound loss. Eat what I like..1 pound gain…No gym.. 1 pound gain. So I can fluctuate between 2 pound loss and two pound gain. Paradoxically its when I don’t train hard that I eat junk . But I’m determined now. I’ve been trim at 16stone…and thats my target.. only 6 months being good to myself and I’ll be there!

  10. Simon Walsh, a BMI of 25 is only borderline overweight. However, experts now feel the BMI standards are set too low for men and also too low for athletic individuals or those who have large builds in relation to their height.

    It’s not Michael Jordan’s height that made him overweight, it probably a combination of a large frame, high bone density and a lot of muscle mass….also the fact that the BMI cut off should probably be around 27 for men as opposed to 25.

    And the assumption that tall people are generally scaled up versions of short people is not true at all.

    A medium build 6ft person does not have a 20% bigger body frame than a medium build 5ft person….frame size according to wrist circumference and elbow breadth, shows their is an increase of approx 12-15 in frame size for of these heights when comparing medium build.

    That said, I agree BMI is badly flawed because it takes absolutely no account of frame size, muscle mass, bone density, age or gender. And this is the likely reason why BMI is inaccurate, not because the numbers are squared instead of cubed.

  11. great site, I’ve come from a road running background,ultras & 24 hrs.
    I took up cycling 4yrs ago after retiring at 65(Now nearly) 70,I am a member of a cycling club and ride out twice a week for between 80/85 for both rides the I do another 40 miles on my own at a steady pace,just recently I have being going to spin classes twice a week with vit ew to doing some 10/25 mile time trials this year do you think that spin classes will help me get @ 26min?, by the way I do have high blood pressure but under control it does go up and down over the year, I am also anemic after a stomach ulcer operation some 30 years ago.

  12. Alan, I’d be happy with a 26 minute 10 and I’m 20 odd years younger. I can’t see spinning doing you any harm but I’m probably the wrong person to ask. The Cycling Weekly Health and fitness winter riding guide from WH Smith has some articles on training for Time Trials.
    So long as your not on beta blockers for your blood pressure, they lower your heartrate max by 20 to 30 BPM.
    I’d email Cycling Weekly for advice as they can call on a number of experts in the field.

  13. Apologies for the late contribution to this thread but the BMI debate caught my eye. I think we need to ask ourselves what the BMI is for. Frank suggests that it is an indicator of health risk and this is indeed born out by some if the medical literate. However it’s predicative value is reduced when tall, short and highly muscular individuals are represented in the study population (it is also useless in people with amputated limbs). A much better predictor of morbidity and mortality is the hip:waist ratio. There are plenty of good studies to show this and here is an example
    The hip:waist ratio may be a better predictor of ill health because it primarily reflects central obesity which is known to increase risk more than peripheral fat, and it is not influenced by muscle mass, unlike the BMI. For this reason the hip:waist ratio is being increasingly used in medical studies. The BMI formula is here to stay however as it has it has inculcated itself into medical and lay literature and it is easy to derive. As a practising physician I still use the BMI as part of the cardiovascular risk assessment but we need to recognise it is just one small element in a complex risk equation.

  14. Lukas thanks for the comment and the link. To “qualify” for the course I took you had to have a BMI of over 35 or 30 and another condition. With 25 of us on the course all easily meeting the criteria I can tell you it’s a frightening sight.
    Dropping out of the obese category was the clincher for me.

  15. I know what you mean Frank. I wish all my patients had your insight and commitment. Unfortunately the results of weight loss programmes are, in general, very disappointing hence the growth of bariatric surgery (weight loss operations such as gastric banding).

  16. Frank

    The 2 links to bho publications mentioned above also don’t work.
    You can delete my comment after you update them.


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