Clearing the wardrobe Part 2

Things have taken another turn since the first post two weeks ago. I’ve had to make another trip to Tesco,s to buy some more trousers. 42 inch trousers were just a stop gap, I now fit into 40 inch trousers so came out with 4 pairs that were reduced to make way for the winter ranges. Shirtsize is now a L instead of a XXL on the subject of collarsize I was buying 18.5 inch collars thats now down to about 16.5 inches.
I’ll do another post about current BMI but its dropped around 10, it’s around the 30 mark now so the aim is to drop out of the obese catagory and into the overweight.

Disaster, a pair of the trousers were dry clean only. I threw them in on a quick wash and they came out a good 4 inches shorter. good job I hadn’t paid the £30 that was on the label. You live and learn.

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