Weekending 30 July o6

Monday: Hour in gym, 15mins cross trainer, 5 mins rowing, the rest on weights.500ml of water before the Spinning class, another 500ml of water during the class. Sweated most if not more out during the class. Another 15 mins doing my arms after the class.
Tuesday: Wirral circular route, must have had the wind behind me as I was doing 25 mph down the prom at Seacombe. Called in to see Brian, stopped at West Kirby and had a treat, an strawberry lolly ice. The first since I’ve been on the plan. Met Pinarello Terry whilst I was filling my water bottle (dont buy the “Paris” that’ll be two bling bikes you have) another climb up Grange road out of West Kirby. It was good but not as satifying as doing it the first time.
Turned left at the bottom of the hill and then it was up Montgomery Drive and then another climb up the roundabout at the Irby Mill, these used to be the hardest climbs that I could manage without collapsing at he top of them. But it was the only way out of West Kirby at the start.
Back home via my Mum and Dads and Rest Hill,30 miles.
Spinning class at 6.30 . 
Wednesday: Down to the Eureka via the Missing link, breakfast as usual. Picked up a ride from Bob of the CTC and six others to the Waterfalls Garden Centre near Wrexham.
Turned out to be a really great day out, couldn’t tell you for the life of me what route was taken but a lot of it was all new to me including the cycle path down along the River Dee. Had an unbuttered tea cake at the garden centre which probably wasn’t enough.
Back through Chester on the cycle paths to the Eureka, bought the tea which seemed to go down well. Back home through Puddington, Ness Neston and split off at Gayton.
Had to refuel at Heswall Hills with an oat flapjack. A memorable day. 67 miles
Nearly forgot RestHill at the end of it.
Thursday: Restday
Friday: Another restday
Saturday:Evening out after work. This is the longest break for a while where I haven’t done some form of extra exercise.

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