Weekending 20 Aug 06

Monday: One hour in the gym, crosstrainer 30 mins hillclimb (400 cals). Exercise bike 20 mins crosscountry prog (280 cals).This was trying to maintain 90 rpm most of the time, it would drop to 80rpm on the highest resistances. One set of weights doing my upper body.
Tuesday:One hour in the gym, crosstrainer 30 mins crosscountry (380 cals). Exercise bike 20 mins crosscountry prog (275 cals).Much the same as Monday.
Wednesday: Depends on Currys delivering the THIRD cooker in the morning. Well the third one arrived damaged so it was off to Bromborough to sort it out, meant I missed the ride from the Eureka cafe. Breakfast at the Eureka Cafe about 1pm and then a ride home through the missing link. 20 miles but my heart wasn’t in it today.
45 mins in the gym of which 30mins was on the crosstrainer fat burning prog (300 cals)
Spinning class, havent done many on a wednesday (600 cals)
Thursday: Another session on the crosstrainer before the spinning class 15mins(150 cals) Spinning class 540 cals which is 40 more than the same class last week.
A round of the the machines followed the class, I’m looking into whether to do anaerobic exercise after the aerobic exercise as it felt easier after the class and I put a lot into the classes. I’m open to comments on this one.
Friday: Bad start, puncture on the No2 bike, the toy get another airing but it looks like rain. Met old Terry training for the “shoe” on the way to the Eureka!! Anyway it started to pour down once I got there and I didnt want to head back in a downpour. 20 miles 10 of them grim wet ones.
Saturday: Restday.
Sunday: Restday (An hour or two was spent cleaning the bikes and seeing if the carbon fibre bicyvle pump was up to much. It isn’t, but it does look the part when matched up with the carbon fibre bottle cage.)

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