Weekending 03 Sep 06

Monday: Restday, Bankholiday,went to Mathew Street Festival.
Tuesday: Oval closed, got a fair bit done today including some 10 speed chain links for the bike. Chap at Quinns said there was over 11,000 ft of climbing in the Wild Wales ride on Sunday. Here’s me getting a flap on about going over Moel Famau to Ruthin with the CTC.
Wednesday: Rode out to the Eureka, picked up a puncture in a downpour. Breakfast as usual. Rode home through Puddington Ness Neston and Gayton (22 Miles).
Saw finish of the Tour of Britain in Liverpool . Roger Hammond won the stage.
Spinning class saw me burning 650 calories as it was still counting them about 5 minutes after the end of the class. I did put a lot of effort into this one as Sunday promises to be my toughest ride yet. 1 set of weights, 2 stints on the crosstrainer burnt another 500 cals off.
Thurday:  Another spinning class, this one saw me burning about 690 calories. the resistance was about as high as I could hack it. It took a good 5 minutes for the heart rate to come down to a level where the Heart Rate Monitor stopped counting it.
Jumps on the cross trainer next, only problem is after 5 minutes it decides it’s had enough and wants to shake itself to pieces. So then it was across to the one without the ski poles for 200 calories. 2 sets on the weights.
Friday: Rode down to Eureka for breakfast , saw Pinarello Kevin and spoke to another new face for me, Mike. Back home through Thornton Hough where I picked up another puncture, just as well I had bought an new tube about 20 minutes before. 18 miles. Session in the Oval after setting up the Direct Debit for the Invigorate pass. Crosstrainer 1/2 hr 400 cals. Rowing machine 125 cals.
Saturday: Restday
Sunday: Went down the Eureka for an Early breakfast and the CTC ride to Ruthin.
Disaster struck 100 metres from the top of the pass at Moel Famau. A problem with the chain has broken the rear deraileur and bent  the dropout. It looks terminal.
Sent for International Rescue when I could get a phone signal. Not the best of days.

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