The 4th Followup Class

Next Wednesday is another big day for me.
First off its Jack the grandson,s first birthday so happy birthday Jack.
Secondly its my fourth followup class which means I’ve been 7 months on the course.
I’m on target for a figure of about 90Kg which is a total loss of 42 Kg. To put it into context a bag of cement or plaster is less than 25 Kg, just try lifting one at B&Q.

Thirdly I’ve had some Business Cards printed with the site address on them, the intention is to give them out to the class before mine as they leave. I’ve an ongoing problem with the site being seen as being endorsed by the NHS if they give a link out.

All I’m trying to do is help others that are in the same situation I was 7 months ago.

The site had 446 visitors with 1071 page views last month and 30% are repeat visitors. I’ve had 1 comment from a class member (Andy) and thats because I wrote the site address down on his course notes. Thanks Andy.

I can’t express to people how big the change had been as every aspect of your life is altered when you do something like the Lifestyle and Weight management course.

Update: There was a really good turn out from Andys class including Andy. We got introduced to Rons class that has been running for 4 weeks. I had the opportunity to give the cards out so If if you,ve got one and have got this far please leave a comment. I only post first names on the site so thats all you have to put in the box. 

If any of you have any questions fire them at me, the weight diary is the same one that you have done each week. I was in the same situation as yourselves 6 months ago, the diet works  the hard part is doing the exercise that you,ve (30 mins a day,remember)signed up for. 

For the record my weight was 89.2 Kg which is 14.05 stone or 196.7 pounds.
More than one person has said to me that I’m wasting away, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve gone down from a 46inch plus trouser size to 38 inches and it could soon be 36 inches, shirt size was 18 1/2 and is now 16. General clothing size was XXL is now L or in some cases M. I’ve had a couple of wardrobe changes as the 42 inch waist trousers no longer fit.
None of  the clothes have been over £10 and the dearest shirt is a £6 Tesco,s one.

One thought on “The 4th Followup Class”

  1. Hi frank. Good to see everyone who is still interested last night.
    Your website will grow by word of mouth and your own enthusiasm.You keep cycling I\’ll keep swimming and we can meet in the gym. Well done see you soon.


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