Weekending 22 Oct 06

Monday: Gave a couple of cards out at work. Went to the Oval after work, asked about some of the machines I havent tried yet and got shown two new machines to add to the routine. Had an interesting chat with the instructor about weight routines, seven minutes on the rowing machine and one set or so of the weight machines. No log as I forgot the book at work. 
Tuesday: Work .15 pressups before I started with hand weights at home. Some of the exercises didn’t feel right so I’m rechecking that I’m doing them right. Spent a while typing in the Lidl body fat results post.
Wednesday: The Garmin Edge 305 unit has arrived at last, looks like I am going to spend an evening setting the thing up. No exercise planned.
Thursday: Had problems with the cadence sensor on the Edge 305, the lithium battery it came with was flat other than that the test of it went ok on Rest Hill. Spinning class at West Kirby, took the new toy in, for some reason it didn’t log the calories burnt. It did log my heart rate for 45 minute class and the profile looks good. There was a new high for the heart rate @ 169 BPM which is only 4 BPM away from the max heart rate for someone my age of 173 BPM. Sweated buckets, looking at ride data they do seem to be beneficial, there is nothing out there yet that has been harder than some of the classes except the climb out of the river just up from Nant Mill.
Friday:Did exactly the same route as last week but this time it was logged on the Garmin Edge 305, this device is truly amazing.  I was looking at 8 pieces of information as I was going along, all captured by the unit and downloaded to a laptop. 2800 calories this week which is a frightening amount but consistent with last weeks 2250 on the Crane Sports HRM. No wonder I am still loosing weight.Had a cup of tea and an orange at Woodside overlooking the Mersey from the gallery upstairs.
Twas a good a good day out, called round to see Brian who’ve I’ve known since I was 18.
Tails were retold as I sheltered from the downpour that soon past. I left a card, for someone that might need it. Most still don’t have access to a medium like this but that is no reason to stop what I’m doing.
Printed more business cards off  later down at the machine in the Pyramids but thats another story.
Saturday:Nothing planned, maybe some pressups and some light weights at home.
Had a walk down to the beach to see the statues in the sea at Waterloo with Jack.
Went to Quinns plonked a deposit down on a new bike for the number 2 rider. Gave Mell one of the cards and spoke about the site for a bit.
Sunday: Looks like a ride with the CTC is on the cards. The weather outlook isnt too hot so the new waterproof top may be getting an airing. You definetley cant miss this one.

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