Weekending 05Nov06

Monday: Spinning class down the Oval, no calories counted on this one as the Garmin Edge 305 doesn’t count calories indoors but the average heart rate was 140 BPM with a maximum of 183 BPM. 25 minutes in zone 4 and 12:13 in zone 5. This is with the new maximum heartrate.
This was followed by a small session on the weights.
Lat pulldown      56KG   17 reps
Chest press       42Kg   18 reps
Pec fly               56Kg    5 ! reps ( I wasn’t up for these)
Arm curl            35Kg    13 reps
Shoulder press  35Kg    11 reps
Tuesday: Work, so couldn’t make Tina,s spinning class. Had it down as a rest day but then felt like doing 20 press upsbefore bed.
Wednesday: Gym after work, did a bigger better weight routine than on Monday plus about 30 mins on the cross trainer. While on the cross trainer Tina and one of the girls from the spinning classes came in. I’ve left a card with Tina as she couldn’t find the site just using spinning as a search criteria in Google. (“spinning calories burnt” is the best one)
Pec fly                 56kg      8 reps
Shoulder press    35Kg     16 reps
Lat pulldown        56Kg     18 reps
Chest press         42Kg     18 reps
Ab isolator           50Kg     17 reps
Chin assist           45Kg     13 reps = 88kg-45kg =43kg
Frame                  18Kg     18 reps
Arm extension      30Kg     8 reps
Dip assist             45Kg     12 reps
Arm curl               35Kg     10 reps
Cross trainer 30 mins 313 calories, 131 BPM average 154 BPM max.
Thursday: Work, restday.
Friday:Work, was going to go the gym but got talked out of it.
Saturday: Pick up The Toys rear wheel after truing by Colin at The Wheelbase. The Bontrager Race Lite wheels have proved to be really good considering the spoke count in them. They’ve done a fair few miles now and hadn’t been touched till last week. No ride today by the look of things, too busy sorting things out for tommorow.

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