What I Eat

I’ve decided to start a new sub-category under Lifestyle and Weight management about what I am eating as I’ve had a question about it from a chap at work. I’ve loaned people the British Heart Foundation book “So you want to loose weight… for good” and you can see their eyes glaze over when I ask them about it. I always ask for it back as it is the plan I work to.
I suspect people are looking for a quick fix but there aren’t any. Thats not my problem, if you don’t think this plan works take a look at the weight loss diary coupled with This weeks rides and exercise posts.
Anyway I was starting to drift off the subject. This is what I eat.(In work)

Hi ######, 

most days start with about 60 grams of Quaker Oat Granola, with blue berries raspberries and strawberries with enough milk to cover the oats. I substitute banana or apple for any that I don’t have enough of. 9 o’clock is two pieces of fruit in the tea point. Lunch is usually a salad from site 2 canteen that I have to order before 11 if not earlier. I now have a chicken breast with the salad, before that it was tuna with no mayonnaise.
Another two pieces of fruit around 3 o’clock. Probably 2 expressochocs (no sugar) out the drinks machine during the day and cups of water.

For tea it could be a chicken dinner with jacket spuds, and three veg. Or Chillie con-carne made with turkey mince. Once a week it would be a pizza from Tesco,s at first it was a healthy living one but now it is one of the Tesco,s Finest range. Sun dried tomatoes with Buffalo cheese mozzarella comes in at less than 800 cals from memory.
I don’t have any of the pepperoni and cheese things they knock out for a couple of quid, I’d rather pay a bit more for something I like and know isn’t loaded up with high fat ingredients.
If I do feel like a snack of some sort it might be a piece of Soreen Malt Loaf, a small pack of dried apricots or something similar.
When I am not working things are much the same but with a bit more choice around lunchtime. Everything I now eat has to met the portion criteria in the BHF diet. I don’t calorie count as such but do count the portions but in a general sense.
I’ve been doing this for 8 months now so it is a fairly well established routine.
A ride from the Eureka Café would ALWAYS start with the breakfast which has dry toast instead of buttered.
That’s about it, if there is anything else you need to know drop me a mail or call me.

I’m taking the liberty of posting this mail to the site without your name as there are others out there that may be interested in what I am eating.



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