The fifth followup class

There is another followup class on Wednesday which will be my fifth one.
My current weight is around 87 Kg so I’m still loosing weight but to a slightly lesser extent. I’m at the stage where I feel well sorted, the diets going well, the cycling is going from strength to strength, this site is going from strength to strength.
Not had any comments from those that had one of the cards but I’m not bothered in the slightest, it takes a lot of nerve to post on a site like this.

To be updated after the class.
Seven attended tonights class which wasn’t a bad turnout the main topics of conversation being the difficulty in doing the exercise. Another one was the calories in oils and fats. One of the facts that is etched in my mind from class 7 or 8 was that there are 9000 calories in a litre of ANY oil.This would explain the fact that you can drive a diesel car for about 10 miles on the stuff.I kept quiet for the most part  but did wonder if they had any idea of the level of exercise they should be doing or what they can do if they put their mind to it.

I’ll post a bit more about this but for the record the weight was 87.3 Kg.  This is a total weight loss of 7 stone and I now fit into a 36 inch waist pair of trousers so thats two milestones in one day. BMI is now 26.9

4 thoughts on “The fifth followup class”

  1. Now you’ve added weight bearing exercises to your schedule. The use of heavier weights and lowish reps may have the impact of reducing or even stopping your weight loss (Muscle as you know is heavier than the fat it replaces). But your fat % should decrease. Which i’m sure you are aware of. After a while the best indicator of weight can be gauged by clothes.

  2. Thanks for the comment Richard. Weight loss isn’t the main aim at the momment but toneing up is. I know that I may put a couple of pounds of muscle on but what is a couple of pounds in the 98 I’ve lost. The lidl body fat scales keep telling me the fat is coming off and the muscle and water percentages are increasing.
    I now give great credence to what these scales tell me as the readings are taken every day. I’ve also this months data that I haven’t posted yet.
    The weight routine has been modified after I had a word with Ron on the Lifestyle and weight management course as to what I should be doing. My aim is to tone up, not bulk up so if you see the diary noting 16 reps that means I could do 16 reps at 56 KG lets say but couldnt do 17 reps. I’m doing 1 set to 100% then I move on to the next machine. I do no legwork as it’s not needed.
    I’m also on my third or fourth wardrobe change as I was a 46 inch waist and am now a 36 inch waist.

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