Aldi Winter Cycle Clothing. Hat and Headband.

The hat and Headband were recently sold as winter Running Headbands and Hats. Last winter I tried various fleecy hats and caps with mixed results. A fleecy hat proved to be too warm when cycling, especially the part where there is a double fold of material. Not only that try finding one at a reasonable price. Some I saw in the likes of Snow and Rock were over £20. Assos ones were just as steeply priced if not more.

I was on the lookout for something to fit under a helmet (Bell) and keep my ears warm. I ended up paying about £12 for a skull cap that if I took my Helmet off made me look like I had taken Holy orders from a Medieval Monastary.

The recent Aldi offers for runners had me buying some running tops, running trousers and the hat and headbands. The hats and headbands are made of TechTex material. It is a deep navy blue with orange piping and matches the running tops. I saw a running club out the other day, two of them were wearing this clothing and looked good in it.

The inside of the hats and headbands is lined with a terry towelling material to wick away the sweat and it does an excellent job. The area around the forehead is a stretchy windproof material that has reflective piping down the temples. More to the point it fits under my  Bell cycling helmet.

I was out in it today when the temperature was about 3 degrees C with a bitter wind in exposed places. The only thing that I was wearing that didn’t have a Crane Sports logo on it was a Biemme jacket that turned out to be less windproof than I would have liked.

The hat did an excellent job in wicking away away the sweat from a brisk by my standards training ride. (they are leisure rides really I just like to think I am training)

The price of this excellent piece of kit £2.99. 5 stars on my Rating system.

I’m sorry I only bought one each of them.

4 thoughts on “Aldi Winter Cycle Clothing. Hat and Headband.”

  1. I experienced the same trouble when looking for a multi-purpose hat that i could also use off the bike and for running. In December 2004 i bought a Berghaus Power Stretch Hat. It’s described as a liner. It’s a long hat which you shorten by folding it inside itself, this then means that there is a double thickness around the forehead and ears, precisely the area that gets hammered when it’s down to freezing temps. I wear it under a ‘cratoni’ & a ‘specialized’ helmet with minimum adjustment. The hat folds very small when not needed, and i’ve washed it dozens of time, it wicks sweat away and dries very quickly, not as cheap as the aldi warmer, but i’ve found it one of the best/most useful pieces of kit i have. It’s about £10.00. I’ve also got a number of the aldi branded ‘crane’ cycling items, last year i bought the windproof bibs, i used them all through the winter and they were as good as my gore bikewear bibs at a fifth the price, although i do find the sizing very generous and they are a little short in the leg. But i’m not complaining at £8. Not had a puncture for almost 950 miles on a particular tyre, i’ve been thinking i’m due one all week, i get one this morning. That’s negative thinking for you.

  2. Thanks for the comment Richard, I was in the Eureka Cafe yesterday and in comes an Aldi Delivery Driver to have his breakfast. He was looking at loosing weight and Ann pointed him in my direction saying “Franks lost 7 stone eating our Breakfast” which is true. I had to add “World famous Frank,s Breakfast”.
    Anyway it turns out he rides a mountain bike and we got talking about the Aldi offers. I mentioned about the Google ranking of the site if you Google ” Aldi Cycling ” , currently Number 1. Funnily enough I also mentioned I was going to do a review of the windproof bib tights to maintain the google ranking. I agree with you about them being a bit generous but I had put that down to the fact they are not the sort of thing you try on in the aisle and the fact that I’d gone down so many clothes sizes in the last couple of months that I no longer had a clue about sizing.

  3. I got the bibs last year (2005) and i got some more this year, they have now added foot stirrups, which are no good to me, they must be about a 31″ leg, possibly less, which is really odd as you expect cycling specific trousers to be slighlty longer, but it might be that i’m nearer a 33″ leg, i think ‘ve got longish legs but not the body to match as i’m only 5’11”. They also dropped the ‘coolmax branded’ lining from 2005 and now have ‘coolplus’. I bought the gloves last year, but i found they needed a liner glove. So i’ve got a larger size this year to try layering them. If you look very carefully at the gloves they are near identical to a brand name from the north of england. I bought the windproof jacket but i’ve not tried it yet, i am currently using an altura stream. The only problem i see with the aldi jkt is the rear cargo pocket, it’s a napoleon style, and i like 2 or 3 pockets to carry my spare tube and a gore-tex jkt, phone etc. But i do like the elasticated cuffs. Again for less than £10 it’s got to be a bargain. This also is a generous cut, i’ve got the Large and it’s a good 4″ bigger across the chest than the altura, the arms are also a little baggy compared to the altura. But they are producing them for the masses, not me. I reckon we should be on a commission for pushing there gear. I’ve bought from the summer and winter stuff since summer 2004. And i’ve still got short sleeve ‘coolmax’ shirts from that year. Great shirt, rubbish tiny zipped pocket. Previously when i’ve googled aldi clothing, i’ve got CTC forums.

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