Spinning at the Oval, unlucky bike number 13.

I left work early to get to Louise,s 5.15 class at the Oval. The water bottle was filled and next thing is to get a bike under the AirCon. No problem this week ones already set up roughly to my prefered setting, Number 13. 
I’m just warming up and decide the seat height needs to go up another centimetre or two. this is where it starts to get interesting. The Preccor bikes in the Oval are fitted with toeclips on one side of the peddle and Shimano SPD clippless mechanisms on the otherside.

I spin using mountain bike shoes fitted with Shimano SPD cleats. They increase your peddling efficiency as you can pull up with leg on the upstroke of the cycle. Trust me they work. You clip in with a mettalic click and twist your foot to remove your foot from the pedal. Thats the theory.
As I tried to get off the bike to adjust the seat height nothing  happened to the cleat on my left leg. It just turned but refused to unclip. Not the end of the world I thought, I’ll sort it out at the end of the class. The class went as it usually does, well.  No HRM for this one I just had to let my body tell how hard I was pushing.

It was all OK untill I got to the cool down and stretching, the ones on the bike were done fine, it was the ones off the bike I had a problem with. My foot was stuck to the pedal. I had to remove my foot from the shoe to get off the bike. The shoe is still stuck to the pedal and I’m trying to twist the shoe off the pedal.

Needless to say this causes great amusement to the class and especially to the girl who was riding behind me, she wasn’t far off crying with laughter. Anyway I do the final stretch with one shoe on one foot and a sock on the other.

Luckily I was able to prise the cleat out of the clip with the screwdivers the Oval staff had managed to procur. One of the two screws was missing, causing the cleat to swivel on the sole of the shoe. And so ended an amusing incident.

In the words of the Govenor of California ” I’ll be back”, with new cleats.

One thought on “Spinning at the Oval, unlucky bike number 13.”

  1. I just read this and my immediate thought was how lucky you were that this happened in a gym and on a bike that’s fixed in the upright positiion and not on your road bike at a busy junction, I’m contemplating moving over to clipless pedals after years of strapping in and an incident like this makes me stop and think.

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