The Sixth Follow up Class

There,s another followup class for me this Wednesday which will make it 9 months since I started the classes.  It’s been a remarkable year, not just from the weight loss perspective. You wouldn’t believe the difference that doing this course has made to my life. The results have not stopped coming even though the classes finnished 6 months ago. My focus is now on increasing my fitness level.

There are regrets, I regret not seeing the other members of the class I attended to see how they are getting on. When I jump on the scales and see Ron fishing through his records to update my figures I’m consious of the fact that mine are literally the only ones that go across the page. Out of around 25 that started the course there are only 2 of us who regularly attend the followups. 

The site is proving more succesful than I ever thought it could possibly be with 974 visitors from more than 10 countries visiting last month. Most looking at the homepage but lots looking at the weightloss diary, cycle satnav, clothing and spinning. I’ll do a post on some of the statistics that I see on Google Analytics, I think they are remarkable. 

I’ve had another batch of business cards with the address of the site on them printed for the waiting room of St Caths. The last ones all went, hopefully to people who will get some benefit from them. Still no links from the Lifestyle and weight management course, but who needs them when you get on the first page of a Google search just under Weight Watchers and Mens Health. Both big players, I’m just a bloke thats lost weight and likes to cycle.

To be continued.
It was the current  classes last classroom session tonight. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of them at the end of January. 
Not a bad turn out this month, eight of us turning up.  A fair bit of the hour was taken up with talk about coping with Christmas, Helston Blumenthals cookery program and the Marigold Fisheries chippy. This is the best fish and chip shop on the Wirral. I drive 11 miles to go to this chippy it’s that good. It’s also a good reason to go to a spinning class at West Kirby Concourse. Mustn’t forget the mince pies too, I had one today on the ride and had a good time burning it off on the ride.
Next thing you know the hour is up, the cards get replenished in the waiting room and Andy and I are still talking in the car park.
As you can gather most of us know what is working for us at this stage, if we have a problem it is just a case of fine tuning things.
You are going to have problems if you are just relying on dieting alone. The  negative energy balance that that you need to loose weight is based on you doing about 500 calories of exercise a day, this gives you a pound of weightloss a week.

I jumped on the Lidl scales when I got home and the readings were within 100 grams of each other. There is going to come a time when the readings you see on this site will be purely be off these scales so they need to be accurate.


One thought on “The Sixth Follow up Class”

  1. Hi Frank, Yes I will be there on Wednesday, and I agreed it is disappointing to see the extent of fall off from the original course members.

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