A mans got to have a dream ( A tale about a Colnago)

When I was a heavyweight budding cyclist chugging around the Wirral on my 15 year old mountain bike I didn’t have much of a clue as to where all this was going to end up. It was at his time I aquired all the knowledge about trying to find clothes to fit the overweight, just how hard it was to go up hills and how unfit I really was.

The change came about when I got a call from my brother Andy offering me a racing bike that he had to sell to free up some space. Well I went around to look at it and it looked the part, I didn’t know what it was but I had to have a go of it. One trip up the cul-de-sac  had me convinced I had to have it. I was in competition with a triathlete who would spend £400 on a wetsuit but would ride the cycle stage on a mountainbike, it was his loss.

I was the proud owner of a Colnago Carbitubo and hadn’t a clue what it was, but Andy said it was a classic. Riding it was a unique experience it would turn on a sixpence, the alloy lugwork was a work of art with the Colnago clover mottif pantographed into each lug. The bike was upgraded with a new set of wheels to suit my weight (heavy) and some STI shifters (Sora).

I took to the roads and apart from hills I was having the time of my life. The bike was like waving a red rag to a bull to other cyclists, I was passed by every cyclist from every club on the Wirral and then a few more. And then it broke, probably not designed to have 19 odd stone on it in the first place, it was 15 years old and something had to give.  It turns out the bike was Colnago,s first carbon fibre framed bike and they had nipped down the road to Ferrari for the carbon fibre expertise.
Well it was repaired by Colin at Wheelbase but after a while secumbed at another place. It is now an on going winter project.

I had aquired a love of Colnago,s one of the most expensive bikes on the planet. This was compounded by the fact that watching the 2005 Tour de France I saw Michael Ramussen win the The King of the Mountains jersey on a Colnago Extreme C.  I wanted that bike. There was just one problem the frame has a weight limit on it of 88 Kg never mind 120kg that I was.

Needless to say I wasn’t happy, but after loosing some weight I thought I’d treat myself to something flash. I ended up with  the Trek because there are no weight limits on the frame, which makes sense as there are more than enough americans heavier than I am to product test them.

So that is my new weight limit 88 Kg. The breaking point of a Colnago Extreme C.
Anything more and I will do something about it. Anything less will be based on fitness, increasing my exercise or training to burn off the excess.

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