Crane Sports Technical Ski Gloves (Aldi)

On the last two rides I’ve ended up with cold and wet hands. The Aldi Winter Cycling gloves are OK untill it get really cold (see your breath cold). They are not waterproof either. It’s not a complaint just a fact. For £2.99 they are a stupendous bargain. Seen some on Ebay for double that and postage.

To get around this problem I’ve invested the grand sum of £4.99 on Aldi,s Latest Offer Ski-ing gloves. I gave up ski-ing when I piled on the weight as my knees wouldn’t hack it. Plus I would have looked like Father Christmas in a red ski suit.
Well the knees are fine now I’ve lost the weight so look out Livigno.

I’ve bought these gloves for cycling, everything else seems to be around the £30 mark that I’ve looked at.

The gloves: Ski-ing gloves, Thinsulate lined for warmth. With a “Hipora” breathable, waterproof inner membrane. First impressions look good. Orange flashes don’t match anything other than the ski jackets on offer. From memory Hipora was used in the C&A “Rodeo” Ski Wear. C&A dressed Skiers used to be called “Rodeo Riders” by the holiday reps, that was the last time I wore C&A (not been in the UK for a few years now).

I’ll let you know how I get on, I’ve some motorcycle gloves that are just too bulky to operate Shimano Ultegra STI shifters, Sora button maybe but not Ultegra inner levers.

Just to let you know I fell off my bike wearing these gloves, there is a very small hole were a crease probably wore through and the nylon on the back of the hand is marked but thats it. I cracked a bone in my shoulder and my arm was badly bruised but I’m still using the gloves. Once the weather bucks up I may try something different. I’ve got a enough gloves lying around unused now!

9 thoughts on “Crane Sports Technical Ski Gloves (Aldi)”

  1. Hi there

    Bought a lot of Crane Sports gear from Aldi – and to be completely honest it’s the best value gear ever. From Ski suits at 30 quid, cycling gilet, gloves, shorts, sox and shorts, running tights, sox, t.shirt -there has never been a problem with any of it, and i would highly recommend it to any one. (it all looks good too!

  2. The padded shorts are a bargain at six or seven quid. Downside to Crane gear is the heavy branding on the back of their jackets- it’s not going to encourage you to buy if you’re a bit of a snob.

  3. i had one of your ladies golf waterproof suits brought me as a present from Aldi i have only worn it twice in the rain and on both times i got wet they are not very waterproof they should not be sold as golf waterproof suits it was waste of money didnt have receipt or would have taken it back to the shop
    yours glenys

  4. i am trying to purchase a cranes air flow bouny castle the blue one with the slide ( not yellow one ) could you please tell me where i can find one please

  5. Karen, if its an Aldi offer you have to be there first thing on the day of the offer. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Aldi don’t have a lot of floorspace and the stuff is priced to sell to make way for next weeks offers. Hope this helps. You could always ask the manager.

  6. just bought a crane motorbike jacket for my lad from aldi. At £39.99 its a really good buy. even got all the crash protection armour inside it too. Shame i didnt get the motorbike textile trousers when i saw them the other day because they have all gone. If you see something in aldi you have to get it then and there or next time you go its gone!!!

  7. Bev,I saw the stuff the other week and it looked really good value.
    I haven’t been on my bike for 2 years and all the Triumph stuff that I bought from the BMF Rally doesn’t fit me any more.
    I keep telling people buy it there and then as Aldi offers are priced to sell. With the store expansions they may have room for more lines but the feeling I have is that it won’t be for permanent “Aldi Offers”

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