CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Ice Cream Farm 2

After Fridays debacle with the ski gloves I’m determined to be a bit more prepared for this ride. The gloves have dried out, the Iceni has had its chain lubed and the Garmin is charged and the HRM has had its battery changed. Weather looks a bit mixed so I set off overboots on but no overtrousers. I’ve also managed to take a spare pair of Aldi Winter gloves with a lining pair thrown in to boot.

A little shower soon blows over at Brimstage and I’m just chugging along through Thornton Hough on the way to Willaston. At the lights at Hadlow Road one of the North End catches me up his bike decked out like a christmas tree. The pace quickens down the top road as can be seen from the Motion based site. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like this  so I’ve taken a few pictures.

North End Cristmas Ride

I’ts much the same inside, with everyone in a festive mood. Turns out the North End are off to ” A pub somewhere ” . Our planned ride to the Dunham Arms has had to be cancelled as they are only serving christmas dinners. It was only a few weeks ago that we filled this place on a wet wednesday, with not a regular or other passing customer in sight. The North End assemble outside so its off outside for some more pictures.


These images are compressed, if you’d like a copy at the orginal size, let me know.

North End Heading out.jpgLen.jpg

I know I’ve captioned one of the pictures wrong it should read Mel 

A little later we set off for The Ice Cream Farm the group comprising of the two John,s , Barbara, Jill, Bob, Andy, Annabel, Barry and moi. Turning left at the church towards Ledsham heading towards Capenhurst, turning right before the station.
Turning left at Backford we head towards Wervin. Here as we cross over the motorway the weather takes a turn for the worse. Steady rain, not a downpour but it takes the shine off things.

I’m shaking my hands to get the water off them as I know from Friday that they won’t stay dry forever. Towards Beeston and the hills in the distance we can see sunshine, our route though has us twisting and turning as if we are trying to stay under the black cloud overhead. Around Hargrave the rain eases off, I’ve been riding off the front so its a sprint up the bridge over the canal and down the other side to get the next picture of the group turning into Newton Lane.


It was mainly other cyclists at the Ice Cream farm when we got there, other clubs and riders from around Cheshire. Todays choice was a Christmas special Baguette and a pot of tea. The converation got around to BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations. The Times managed to cock it up with people getting strange results.
So long as you stick with the same units (Kg/Mtrs) (Pounds/Inches) you should have much trouble working it out. The all singing dancing PDA gets an airing as I have a BMI calculator programme on it. Once one has theirs done everyone wants to know what theirs is. Well a couple of us are in the overweight category me included, the women were normal. No one would have qualified for the course I am on. My BMI was 41.9 before I took up cycling, Morbid Obesity starts at 40>.

There was another cyclist in there who was raving about SealSkin gloves and socks, 100% waterproof etc. I would have bought some of these the day before in Chester but Millets had put a security tag on the cuff, so I figured the membrane would have punctured so gave them a miss. Back outside I change gloves to the Aldi winter specials with a silk innner glove that I picked up from Decathlon in Stockport. 

I don’t know if anyone ever looks at the routes on the MotionBased site apart from Ray but average heart rate for this ride was 105 bpm which sticks it right in the fat burning zone. There were parts that were a fair bit higher, like staying with the chap from the Noth End down the top road. Or sprinting up Woodbank at 18 mph to take a picture of the group only to have the phone malfunction and I end up getting a shot of my foot. It’s a lot better than sitting on an exercise bike in the gym watching the TV with the resistance on level 1. Loads do it for some reason.

There are 101 way to the Ice Cream Farm but this is a fairly straight forward one. Once you’ve  done it a few times you start to get to know the lanes and you get to know the turns. Apart from two busy road crossings its done on quiet roads and lanes. The cyclepath through Chester keeps you away from all the traffic. If there is anyone out there contemplating taking up leisure cycling this is one route I would reccomend. Its flat, there are a couple of points where you may have to change down a gear or two or get out of the saddle but thats about it.

Back at the Eureka it’s time for a tea and a flapjack. This weeks ride home was via the Missing Link or route 56, all the recent rain had cleared it up a lot. Back through Thornton Hough, the lights getting switched on for Brimstage and the final climb up Resthill.

Link to Google Map: CTC ride Eureka Cafe to Ice Cream Farm 2


57 miles for me.
Punctures none, Average speed 12.9 mph.
Breakfasts 1, Baguettes 1, Tea 2 cups 1 pot. Oat flapjacks 1.
Calories burnt: 2804. Elevation gained 2616 ft

3 thoughts on “CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Ice Cream Farm 2”

  1. Just followed your link to the motion based site. I’ve been thinking about a GPS for some time, but didn’t think i could justify the spend on something that would just tell me where i’d been. After looking at the stats on the site, it offers far more useful information than i thought it would, especially combined with a HR monitor it seems the perfect training partner. This site should have a caveat stating ‘reading content on this site could cost you money’. Last month i paid for myself and my father to join the CTC, now i’m buying a GPS. Have a look at this site http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/directory/?o=lt&user=imagine&v=16 i’ve seen it before, but it’s been updated. The government should think about putting cycing on the NHS.

  2. Richard, Decathlon in Stockport had a demo one on display when I went last friday. I bought the Edge 305 bundle from Blokestuff.com for £225 I think off the net. I haven’t got around to swapping the cadence sensor over to the Iceni yet and was thinking of buying another sensor but they are £41. A top end Polar heartrate monitor is a similar price but the Garmin is fun.
    I download the days ride in to the Anquet mapping software I bought for the phone which is an 1:50,000 Ordanance Survey map.
    I’m thinking of doing 200Km Audaxes next year and don’t want to be looking at a map every 5 minutes.
    The scheme I am doing is an NHS scheme and it will finish for me in March. I’ve tried to put something back into it but all I get is red tape, “we can’t give out a link to your site because we can’t be seen to be endorsing it”. If I was doing WeightWatchers or Slimming World they would be beating a path to my door because it is big business weight loss. I’ve had the time of my life over the last six months and next year promises to be just as good.

  3. Thanks for the reply, i too was in decathlon last friday afternoon, i was with my other half so it was a flying visit to pick up a few spare inner tubes. (I also bought one of there sora geared bikes last spring to use this winter. £250 plus some cheap half type mudguards and i’ve done over 1500 miles, few hundred miles with a bob-yak, a bargain.) I never got to look near where they keep the maps/gps stuff. I think i’ve seen a good deal on the garmin 305 forerunner (£190 inc bundle & post/2 yr gtee), which would also suit my running, it doesn’t have the cadence function but my cycle computer does have. Time permitting, i was considering joing the peak audax club and having a go at some of the rides next year. I live in a valley, and everywhere to the east of me is a climb through the peak district. But there’s something perversly enjoyable about almost being sick at the top of some of the climbs.

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