Bike damage.

The bike is virtualy unmarked, the Brookes saddle has a small scuff but nothing you couldn’t pick up by leaning it against a wall. The chain has been swapped as it was worn out along with the cassette. It was 13-26 it is now 11-28 some of the steepest stuff can be hard work especially on the Toy at 12-25.

I ended up paying the best part of £20 for a genuine shimmano 8 speed chain. I thought I had been ripped off but thats the recommended price for a genuine chain.
On one of the rides out, I looked at the amount of muck the chain of Mikes bike was picking up. We were both riding without mudguards and his chain was picking up a constant stream of water from the front wheel. The water that was picked up by the chain was being flung off by the first jockey wheel of of the derailiure.

I’ve been using a wax lubricant for most of the year but this has been pretty useless for the last couple of months. This year I’ve had enough problems with chains for me to take a special interest in them. I’ve a tale about a broken motorcycle chain thats worth a whole category in this blog by itself. It took a bit longer to measure and set up than I had reckoned on so no session on the trainer.

The lefthand STI hood cover got scuffed for some reason, all my damage is down the righthand side. Thinking about it, the front wheel has probably tucked in and the next point of contact is the left lever. The rear mudguard is cracked but not broken and thats about it. I’ve come off a fair bit worse, apart from the physical injuries I’m not going out without a new helmet on my head. Mine wasn’t a top of the range models just one up from the bottom of the pile. A similar one is about £25 but others are less. You can get a similar one that meets all the impact standards for under £20. The same standards that the top of the range ones have to meet.

The Altura Hi Viz jacket has cleaned up well after 3 washes. The Aldi Winter cycling pants had slight damage to the knee but nothing compare to my knee. The hats a wright-off but all in all a small price to pay.

Still on the subject of helmets, there is little difference between a sub £20 one and a top of the range £100 one. They are all an expanded foam construction with an outer plastic shell. The top of the range Giro ones had carbon fibre parts, whether it was part of the construction or flash detailing wasn’t clear. Giro and Bell are the same company I have learnt so the market now looks a bit distorted.

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