Weekending 31 Dec 06

Friday: Got on the turbo trainer for the first time since the crash. 560 cals watching Lance Armstrong win 7 Tour de France.

Sunday: New Years Eve. Hooked up the Iceni to the turbo trainer and did a stint on it with the Garmin Edge 305 on. Logged this to the Training Centre software you get with the Edge. 30 minutes at 118 BPM average with a max of 141BPM. Shoulder wasn’t too bad, watched more ofthe Lance Armstrond DVD. The Edge doesn’t count calories when static but the HRM logs the effort you are putting in. I’ve made a note of the gear I was using 52/17 with the turbo on max resistance.
Later in the early evening I decided to have another go, this time trying out one of the training modes built into the Edge 305. I found one to do in the Workouts, Advanced section as running Tempo(HR). Selecting this workout blind soon had thinking what have I het myself in for.

The workout I had selected uses your heartrate zones to put you through your paces.
It started off easy enough, telling me to slow down as I was in zone 2. Zone 2 is the pace of a typical CTC ride. Some rides are zone 1 which is real easy, everyone should be able to go at this pace. It bleeps and tells me 2 minutes in zone 2, this is more like it as I up the pace a bit. 2 minutes later it bleeps and says Zone 3, 2 minutes and speed up. Then I get confused the next stage is 2 minutes of rest, so I do and it tells me to work harder.

Two minutes later, bleep, Zone 4, 20 minutes. I do a double take, yep sure enough there is a 0 after the 2. Zone 4 for me is 143 BPM plus. This is hard work. I’ve broken into a sweat by now and am starting to drip over the bike. I’m reminded of the email Ray sent me about a ride he was on, “whats that bleeping telling you” ” its telling me I should ride with someone else” . 10 minutes in I’m worndering if I can keep this up, It’s a good job I am still watching Lance win a seventh Tour de France to put my effort into perspective.

The 20 minutes come to an end thank god and it starts to wind me down.  I basically have to stop pedaling to get back into Zone 1. Bleep again, Workout Over. A 30 minute workout that I thought was going to be just a bit of a fun warm up had me absolutley dripping with sweat. It was like doing a spinning class but doing the musical equivalent of the the side of the album rather than the single version. After this I am buzzing with endorphins and settle down to enjoy the New year.

This is what I should have read before I pressed start.

A tempo workout is a high-intensity workout designed to increase your lactate threshold. This is usually accomplished by training in heart rate zone 4 for a sustained time or distance.  The duration of this tempo workout is prescribed using time.  Generally, durations for tempo workouts should not exceed 20 minutes, and you can certainly use shorter durations to fit your ability and training goals.  Since tempo workouts are designed to teach your body to deal with relatively high-intensity work, the level of intensity during the workout must be closely monitored. You can monitor intensity using either heart rate or pace. This template uses heart rate. Since this workout is fairly stressful, it is very important to warm up and cool down sufficiently.

Template by: www.TrainingPeaks.com

Looks like I’m have to read up about lactate threshold because I’ve been reading this weeks comic article about Etapes and some of the climbs in them are 20 Km long and take 1 1/2 hours. You can guess where this train of thought is heading, I’m looking for new challenges for 2007. Suggestions welcome.


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