New Years Day Ride.

01 Jan 2007

A week after the crash I just had to get back on the bike for a ride. A picture something like the one above is going to replace the clipart wheel on the homepage. All my rides start or end up finishing at this spot so it now plays an important part of my (new) life.

To recap, about two years ago I\’d taken up cycling to improve my health. I tackled this hill after a while on my mountain bike. I\’d been cycling on the flat for months before tackling this hill, I also happened to have my Aldi Heart Rate Monitor on. I was around the 20 stone mark. I\’d come around the bend at the bottom, engaged the lowest of the 21 gears I had and gave it a go. Now the hill steepens up where the gate to Storeton woods is. Some where around here I looked at the HRM it was flashing 166 BPM.

After the gate things were just as bad, this was my 100% effort . I ended up stopping at this sign and literally collapsed over the handlebars. It was minutes before I regained my breath and I was the colour of a beetroot. When your the weight I was you remain seated on a climb like this. There is good reason to remain seated mainly that getting out of the saddle is even harder work, your knees aren\’t up to it and 20 stone doesn\’t dance on the pedals.

Even if they did your not going to get anywhere fast. The gear I was pushing meant I was spinning the pedals like crazy but only inching up the hill. The only thing that kept me going is the unwritten rule that getting off and walking is failure and the hill has won.
Well the hill didnt win this time but for a long time I avoided the  fight with this hill because I didn’t want to loose.

It had a major influence on my cycling at that time, keep to the flat, go around a problem(hill) rather than up and over it.  It was all a question of weight, it takes a lot of effort to lift a surplus 7 stone or 100 lbs  up 150 ft. I had problems lifting it up a flight of stairs which is roughly 10 feet. No wonder I was in a heap at the top.

This hill holds no fear for me now, its something that I gauge others by. After I got “The Toy” back from Quinns I rode up and down Rest Hill 3 times in succession just to prove I had it beaten. Because of the weather I haven’t been out on “The Toy” for about a month. Today I went out on it and instantly realised how good it is and what I was missing for the sake of a set of mudguards.

It was a bit breezy today, otherwise you may have copped a look at me in my Discovery Channel kit. I\’m still wary of my  of my appearace  these days especially after Gibbo from work commented  about the spare tyre I was carrying on the  Eureka Ride.  An offhand comment but it hit home hard. I now realise what women go through to please their men.
Ride write up tommorrow. It was short but worth doing.

4 thoughts on “New Years Day Ride.”

  1. Challenges; Coast to Coast, LEJOG, Trans America Trail. You might need to win the lottery for the last one though. I’m doing the 3 peaks challenge by bike this year, (self supported carrying all my food and gear by trailer), well at least the travelling between peaks bit. Whatever you do it’ll be a lot easier than it would have been with an extra 7 stone.

  2. Hi, Frank

    Sorry to hear of the accident but happy new year anyway. you will be back up and running in no time, see you on the 24th.


  3. I should be back to normal by then I hope. I’d better be as I’ve signed up for a 150km Audax ride around the Cheshire meres on the 28th. Not being able to do much in the gym has put a dampener on things but I’m going to have a go on the turbo trainer in a minute so I don’t start loosing it all.

    Thanks to the WirralBlog Team for the link. I like the style of the site. I could do with using some of what they have set up on here.

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