Weekending 4 Feb 07

Monday: 1 hour at the Oval gym after work. Weight routine logged, the numbers are all lower than before the crash. Rowing, 5 minutes, second at 100%. Good to be back.
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: 1 hour in the gym before Barbara,s Spinning Class. Weights , logged another session on the rowing machine doing one minute intervals. About 280 calories before the class. I haven’t been to Barbara,s wednesday class for a while, it clashed with last weeks weighin. It was a full class with a number of new starters. Guess who forgot his water bottle and had to buy a drink out of the vending machine. 500ml isn’t enough for me these days. I saw Barbara at the end and mentioned that the site had had 160 odd visitors to the Spinning pages alone. If you ever get time to see this post Barbara let me know what you think.
There is no let up in some of Barbara,s classes, the HRM tells me. If you’re doing a climb it is more than likely going to be followed by a sprint. Anyway it was a good hard class for me. The stats: 884 Calories burnt including a warm up and cool down. Spinning calories burnt 720+, I’d checked at the end of the class. Max heartrate 185 BPM. Average heartrate 147 BPM  and that was over 1 hour.
Thursday: Loise,s spinning class at the Oval. Managed to get a place, this is a 5:15 start so you can be done and dusted for 6:00. Four new starters tonight, the first time is always a shock and two of them came without any water. Not something you do twice, thats if you make it twice. The stats: 790 Calories burnt, Max heartrate 187. Average 136, I hadn’t reset the timer so it’s lower than last night. Trust me, it should be higher.
I had a word with Louise after the class about all the spinning related hits that I am getting and gave her the link to the site. This is where the Six Degrees of Seperation comes into play. I’d mentioned about the world wide interest and that I’d even had a hit from YellowKnife, Canada. Louise it turns out has a relative in YellowKnife and tells me it’s a tiny place. Talk about a small world.
Friday: Managed to get a spinning class at Europa pools.
First time there, the class had about a dozen machines. All Schwinn machines, I’ve mentioned these before and the harder workout they give you compared to a Precor machine. Two new girls started the class, and by the look of things they didn’t know what they had let themselves in for. Sheila takes the class with a radio microphone headset  which was the first time I’d been in a class with one.
The format is much the same as with other spinning classes but each class is never the same as the last and each instuctor has little differences compared to another.
It all makes for a bit of variety.
Towards the end of the class Sheila puts on Sandstorm by Darude saying in we all know what this means. A Sprint ?, the woman on the bike next to me said ” Pain”.
I don’t know what the intervals where but it seemed like a minute, a great way to end the class. There is a stretch that is supposed to stretch the inner thigh, I’ve been doing it wrong due to having the wrong foot position since I started. Thanks Sheila for putting me right. You learn something every day.
Stats: 770 Calories burnt. Max heartrate 181 BPM (I’ve been slacking) Average heartrate 148 BPM.
Saturday:  Managed to get through the fog only to find the Oval shuts at five on a Saturday.Reception managed to find out that Bidston was open untill 7:30 so Bidston it was, thanks for making that call. Rowing , crosstrainer  and ten minutes on that machine thats like cycling with your arms plus a session on the weights had me burning 470 calories. It’s been a good week, I feel I’m back into it, seen 84.5 Kg on the scales for 2 mornings which is a new low.
Sunday: Work

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