Weekending 11 Feb 07

Monday: Work followed by 1 hour at the Oval. 30 mins crosstrainer hillclimb programme 375 calories, 10 mins rowing 2325 metres,141 calories and whatever weights I could get on. Monday evening is a busy night.
Tuesday: Work followed by another hour at the Oval. Much the same as Monday, crosstrainer was 375 calories in 30 minutes again the same as Monday but on the crosscountry programme.
Wenesday: Work, followed by yet another hour at the Oval. 10 minutes rowing, I usually have 1 minute at 100% tonight I kept going to see what I’ve got in me. 2 minutes came up and I’d had enough , 2250 metres. Weights, assisted dips aren’t doing the shoulder any good so I stopped after one.
Thursday: Louise,s spinning class, early start for this one. Looking at the HRM as the class progressed I didn’t think I’d make the numbers. About 3/4 of the way through Louise calls for a hill climb. At least once a week I now take myself to the limit. This was the limit, 190 BPM on the Heart Rate Monitor (Aldi £12.99 a bargain).Sandstorm was done out of the saddle to four sets of eight twice.
750 calories burnt and some weights after the class had the total for the session at 887 calories. I’d also reset the HRM after the warm up as we managed to get in early.
Friday: Spinning class at Europa pools. I’ve also booked next Friday while I was there. Class was about half full which was a pity as I bumped in to two girls who couldn’t get a place when I came out, one remembered me from the previous Friday.
Anyway it was a good class with 717 calories burnt. It was actually more than this as the belt lost contact at some stage and I watched it drop down to 120 BPM and I was trying hard at the time. Once adjusted it was back up to 160 odd. So I don’t know how long this was going on. The watch had me peak at 177 BPM. A 4 minute sprint  out of the saddle finished off the class. Sheila mentioned my calorie counting and one of the girls asked what it was equivalent to. Three Mars bars was the answer from 2 of us.  Thanks Sheila. If anyone wants one of the cards that gives the link to this site just ask. Women ask for the cards because they have someone in mind that needs to loose weight. The cards are a subtle way of broaching the subject. 
Saturday: Free. Bought a new pair of cleats from Quinns. Drove to Delamere. Slush
Sunday: CTC ride Eureka Cafe to Lady Heyes centre led by Ray. The word is that this is going to be hilly and not a gentle flat leisure ride. Hope the snow has cleared.
Cracking early season ride, sun was out, 40 odd miles on the ride a lot of it new to me.

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