CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Lady Heyes, Frodsham

A wet start had me donning Altura waterproof overtrousers for the ride to the Eureka Cafe for Breakfast. The Iceni was put into service as it has better mudguards than the Trek, well it has a front one as I haven’t got around to fitting the front Raceblade yet.

Plenty of Northender,s in the Cafe, the Sunlight were thin on the ground and approaching the magic hour CTCers started to appear. Elleven of us set out to the Lady Heyes craft centre. This place has links going back a long time to the place I now work. It was formally a farm.

Anyway we set off through Capenhurst as the normal route out across the A5117 is closed for the forseeable future. The weather is now nice and bright with a clear sky, a far cry from when I set out. We head out towards Little Stanney (Cheshire Oaks) on the cycle path, if you zoom in on the link deep enough you can even see where we went around the roundabouts. Once we are on Little Stanney lane things are a lot quieter. Then it was on to Picton lane which gives you a chance to chat amongst the group. I haven’t seen some since last year, one from last September.

We join the A56 which is quiet and divert through Dunham Hill only to rejoin further down  the A56. Turning towards Helsby we take a right up Primrose Lane, before it starts to get steep we divert around a golf course down Towers Lane. We have a short break on top of the disused railway bridge and then it on towards Alvanley.

At Alvanley we pass what was once Dugdales, a Yamaha dealer that people (me) used to travel miles to visit. It looks like it has been a sports car showroom after that, and is now on the verge of dereliction. These days it means it’s a prime spot to redevelop and build houses on.We head out towards the summit of the trip out Newton. There are fantastic views of Cheshire from here and John reckons he can see Joderall Bank.

From here it is all downhill and its one where you make sure your brakes are in good order or at least clear the crud off them. Once you’ve made it to the bottom  Lady Heyes is just a couple of hundred yards along the road.

I’ve never been here before and at first glance it’s a bit of a mixed bag, any place with a pet crematorium is bound to be a bit quirky. There is a chap at work that used to work there when it was a farm, I’ll have to ask him about it. I ended up having a chicken an bacon baguette at the cafe.  Ray bought the tea , thanks Ray.

There was another small group at the cafe when we got there and we ended picking up another rider for the return to the Eureka. Once we had sorted ourselves out we were heading back along the road we came on but picking up the next right turn in the direction of Delamere. The Yeld is going to feature in my ride at the end of the month and I heard mutterings about it on this one, “We’re not going up the Yeld are we?” not this time but pretty soon.

Anyway Ray leads us past the start of the Yeld and on to one that gives it a run for it’s money. Maybe not quite as brutal as the Yeld but still a fair test and they all meet up in the same neck of the woods..

More later, no pictures this week as the memory card on the phone was full.

Link to Google Map of route 

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