Weekending 11 Mar 07

Monday: Louise,s Spinning class 700 calories  Average 133 Hi 184 fat 92g. 2k on the rowing machine with a 500m 100% effort 8:34 What exercise and weight machines I could get on. Full class.
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. had a few problems with the chest strap. I had tried it across my back to see if it improved the contact but it proved not to be the case. Part of the problem was not detecting it early enough. Tina,s classes are in the dark so I have to use the backlight to check how I’m doing. 500+ calories registered but I know it was more. Another full class.
Before the class to kill a bit of time I did another 2 kilometres on the rowing machine.
2 kilometres in 7:56 with a fast last 100 metres. The HRM said I had a maximum pulse of 192 BPM boy did it feel like it. This was my 100% effort  for the week, I hadn’t planned on it but you know when your up for it. I’d well cooled down by the time we were let into the spinning class.
Wednesday: Looks like a midweek ride with the CTC. Where I don’t know. Presidents Memorial Ride to Chrisleton. Ride report and a few pictures.
Thursday: Restday
Friday: Work, now for the first time in my life I took my kit into work for a session in the gym after work. Went to Europa pools at Birkenhead as they are open untill 10pm. Started out on the crosstrainer but after 100 calories I didn’t think I was getting much out of it so I switched to various weight machines a few of which were new to me. That was followed by 2 Km on the rowing machine, 7:57. Arm extension next and I’ve run out of things to do. Cycling is out, and so is leg work so there wasn’t much left.
Only thing left to do is the treadmill so I give it a go.
Now I haven’t done anything like this since I left school and the reason is I was crap at it but the place is near enough empty so what the hell.

Pressing quickstart I up the pace untill I’m jogging at about 6mph then start playing around with the programs and choose aerobic. Keying in the figures gives me a target heartrate of 138 BPM. This seemed to be a steady enough pace but my heartrate was too low so I upped the pace untill it was 7 mph and still it was under so then the inclination got upped. Once I’d reached the target the machine started to adjust the load to keep the heartrate at 138 BPM. The gradient was around 7% and I felt good at this pace. Anyway before I know it I’ve done a mile and a half  and I call it a day. As I don’t seem to have any problems with the knees these days I’ll think I’ll have another go at this. I’ll wear a HRM next time as the machine was continually asking me to stick my hand on the pads.
I surprised myself tonight, I didn’t think I would like it but it wasn’t too bad, next time 2 miles who knows where from there.
Sunday: Work

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