Weekending 18 Mar 07

Monday: Louise,s Spinning class at the Oval, nearly missed it but got there in time. Hills were the theme this week requested by the woman on the bike next to me.
Sandstorm for the final sprint with four sets of eight out of the saddle.
It was the best part of 800 calories burnt with 65 calories burnt just warming up before the class started.
Max Heartrate was 180 BPM, low 65, average 135
2 1/2 Mars bars burnt. ( for Louise,s benefit)

Weights in the gym after the class added another 200 calories to the total.

Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. Preceeded by weights and a bit of rowing.
Tina was early which meant I’d burnt the best part of 140 calories before the class started. Another two new starters needed inducting. We had another couple of minutes and it shows in the figures. 904 Calories burnt in little over an hour. Take off the 140 and your still looking at a respectable 760 calories.

Another set of weights after the class then still with my SPD mountain bike shoes on I go for a run on the treadmill. 1.5 miles at 8 mph heartrate was around the 140 BPM  mark. Another 200 calories burnt doing all this  and I still felt I could have done more.

Wednesday:Ride with the CTC which group I don’t know. I’m looking for a challenge with Sunday coming up

Thursday: Louise,s spinning class at the Oval. Only 600 calories in this one and for some reason I’m yawning  through parts of it. 2 Mars Bars worth Louise.Weights after the class. Rowing, 500 metres in 1:50. I changed shoes and then went on the treadmill.
2 miles this time which is a first. 1.5 miles were at 10mph after finding 9mph a tad slow.
Possibly more next time at this rate, now I’m thinking about running shoes.

Friday: Work

Saturday: Work. Sort everything out for the big day tommorow.

Sunday: Audax from Poynton to Chirk, 200 Km. My longest ride yet.  This is all leading up to my final followup class next Wednesday. A year since I started all this and the end of the line as far as the course goes.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 18 Mar 07”

  1. Hi my name is debbie and i am just about to embark on a weight loss challange of losing 3 stone in 12 weeks from next week. Quite scary as i don’t know whether i can do it. I’ve been to a few of shelias classes at Europa Pools and found them enjoyable and hard work at same time.

    I am not an experienced cyclist by far but someone very kindly donated a pracially newish mountain bike to me last year whilst going through a divorve and so there are nice people out there i found out.

    I am wondering if i combine 2 nights of spinning with the right diet am i in it to win it [my challange]

    Any advice would be apprenciated.

    Debbie Ball

    1. Debbie, the challenge is too big, another 8 pounds than what I acheived and I battered the exercise part of it. You need to be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day as per the BHF plan. The BHF plan relies on a sustainable eating and an exercise plan and I stuck with it to the letter.
      You need something which is sustainable after your 3 months as it’s not a race. It took me a year to loose 6 stone but by the end of it I was flying.
      Try getting out on your MTB and for gods sake don’t starve yourself as it leads to yo-yo dieting where you end up worse than you started.

      Two spinning classes in the same day lost me a pound but seriously look to the longer term, I need to loose 3 stone again but would be more than happy with 1 in 3 months. I haven’t set any targets this year as it’s even harder the second time around.

      What diet are you following?


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