Weekending 25 Mar 07

Monday:  Work. Gave the exercise a miss after Sunday.
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. Rowing beforehand 2km in 7:49 which is good for me. Some weights. The class was late as Tina had a series of problems that made her late. 700 calories and peaking out at 180 BPM. I’ve spoken to Tina about the weightloss and how spinning has helped. Tina,s class was my first and you always remember your first class.  Thank,s Tina you’ve been part of turning me around.
Wednesday: Rowing weights and a 4 1/2 mile run on the treadmill before my weighin.
Thursday: Louise,s spinning class at the Oval. Now Louise reads this blog and picked up on me yawning in last weeks class. No yawning this week. The class was about 720 calories but had the pulse up to 183 BPM. I put this down to six sets of eight to Sandstorm by Darude followed by four sets of the same. Followed by dips in sets of four of each. I can bury myself in this track and do. Hence the high pulse.
Again thanks Louise you’ve been another one that been part of turning me around.
More weights and 2 miles on the treadmill after had me burning 1,000 calories in total.
The 2 miles was at 10 mph, another stint before I left had me seeing how fast I could go, kept the finger on the speed button and it’s 15 mph. Thats faster than my average speed on a bike. Julie the running shoes are great. Running muscles are different to cycling muscles and now I’m feeling it, not bad but it’s still there.
Friday: Ride today as I missed out on Wednesday, rode to the Eureka for breakfast then down to the Dee via Denhall Lane stopped for a tea at Ness gardens and the on to Parkgate where I had to adjust the seat as it slipped on a bump.  Up to Heswall to see my mun then onto West Kirby where I met up with a chap fron New Brighton road club who was training for a race. Ice cream at West Kirby then on to the bike shop at Moreton. Finally got the sealskinz gloves I wanted. Saw Brian and came home via Arrow Park and Barnston dip, still managed 40 miles.
Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools there are a lot booking and not turning up. This was an intense class. Six sets of eight second sprints followed by dips at the same pace is tough. The HRM said about 550 calories but again some positions give loss of contact and a low calorie count. Spoke to Sheila after the class about what I’m doing.
15 minutes on the crosstrainer before the class 129 calories.
Saturday: Work.
Sunday: Work. Two sets of 5 chinups.

Not a bad week, Wednesday was the end of my year on the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course and what a year its been. Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

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