Weekending 01 Apr 07

Monday: Gym after work, weights. Rowing 2 km in 7:48.9 this was hard work anything under 8 minutes is good for me. Treadmill 1.5 miles at 10.1 mph, crosstrainer 10 minutes waiting for a treadmill to become free. Ab isolator 2 sets of 20 x 50kg.
Tuesday: Work.
Wednesday:  CTC ride to Utkington Garden Centre 46.3 miles. Ride write up in another post Maxheartrate 179bpm means I was pushed at one stage.
Booked a spinning class at the Oval. Haven’t done Barbera,s class for a while. If I didn’t work much of a sweat up on the ride I did here. Again I had problems with the HRM in certain positions. Anyway 660 calories burnt with a max heartrate of 180 bpm. Spoke to Barbera after the class about spinning and the weight loss.
This was a hard class if you wanted to push yourself, sprints straight into a climb plus longer than usual sets means the 660 calories is at least 100 too low.
Hope you managed to find the site Barbara.
Thursday: Ride around Wirral coast, weather held out, but the wind was a bit fierce around Seacombe and New Brighton.
Louise,s Spinning Class at the Oval. 750 calories burnt. Now it didn’t look like I was going to make the numbers but I buried myself in the final sprint and my maximum heartrate was 179 bpm. For some reason it was around 150-155 bpm for most of the class no matter what I did.
2 Sets of Weights and I felt really good after all that lot.
Friday: Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools booked. 600 calories and five or six first timers. I don’t think a lot of them knew what they had let themselves in for but if they do a second class all is not lost. The first class I did had the steepest learning curve I think I’ve ever done. Spoke to one of the girls after the class about this blog. Louise has been spreading the word. Thanks Louise. Same time same place next Thursday, front row in my Discovery Channel kit.
As I  still felt full of beans it was 10 minutes on the crosstrainer as the treadmills were full and then a mile at 10.4 mph when one became empty.

Spinning Calories Burnt in a Google search has this site as 3 out of 40,300 which is good going for a bloke that was morbidly obese . The classes are the reason I’m now dancing on the pedals up the hills, not king of the mountains by any means but now better than a lot of others. 
: Ride day, CTC 50 mile Tourist Trial from Kinnerton, promises to be a grand day out Grommit. 51 and a bit miles in 3:04 hrs, 3:20 including the lunch stop. Ride write up and a few pictures in another post in my usual style.  

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