Weekending 22 Apr 07

Monday: Louise,s  spinning class at the Oval 650 calories. Spoke to her about the warning I’ve put on the site for beginners. Weights and crosstrainer before the class.
Wednesday: Highlight of this gym session was the rowing. 2 Kilometres in a new personal best of 7:35.5 this is what I’d call hard work. Weights (nothing above 50Kg in case anyone is interested) and ran a kilometre @ 10k/hr.
Thursday: This was all about the treadmill, jumped on it and ran 2k @ 10 k/hr 0.5k walk @ 6 k/hr 0.5k @11 k/hr with the final 0.5k @12 k/hr. Didn’t forget the weights and jumped on an exercise bike for the first time in a long time just to see what it’s like. This felt like it was broke, I was mashing away at level 23 (Max) at just below 60 rpm. Reducing the resistance level only brings home how far I’ve come in the last year. A year ago I was afraid to enter a place like this, came to afternoon sessions when it was quiet when I finally plucked up courage to enter the place. Sad really that a 46 year old bloke alters his lifestyle because of what he thinks others perceive of him. That was last year, this year is a totally different ballgame. You wouldn’t recognise me from last year, it’s happening far too often for it to be a fluke.
Now the gyms a strange place at times, we are all there for the same reason but you would think it was a library at times. Nobody talks, and with the advent of Ipods it’s just got a whole lot worse. I’ll talk to nearly everybody these days, if your there you’re having a go which is a far cry from the state I was in, vegetation.
I still don’t know what to do with the rest of my life, much has emerged over the last year. There seems very little out there for blokes in a similar position to me. This is further compounded by what I see around me, money doesn’t buy you much other than a 4×4 and a Costco membership. Now the cost of a Costco membership is about £35 so we are all equal as we walk through the door. Pity it attracts the sort of people that plonk a 4×4 in a disabled parking space.
Friday: Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools. Now the three new girls that turned up last week are suckers for punishment and they have turned up again. This was a hot class and Sheila mentioned the importance of getting your hydration right. One of the new girls had her leg go on her and slipped on the bike. I hope it hasn’t put her off the classes. One of the regulars had done 5 classes that week that’s some going. 550 calories burnt, it was probably more but I still have the odd problem with chest strap. Max heartrate was 168 BPM.
Saturday: Restday
Sunday: a herd of cows had me meeting up with one of the 1500 readers of my blog this month. I was out on my ride to the Eureka but everything stops when the cows get put in the field at the bottom of Redhill. Here I bumped into Claire who does a circuit of Route 56. I’d mentioned the weightloss and it turns out Claire and her husband had come across the site and between them they have lost 5 stone. It really is a small world and I’m amazed that my success is starting to inspire others to have a go. At Thornton Hough we go our seperate ways as there is a breakfast that I need in me before the ride.

Incidently my weight this morning was 82.1Kg, subtract that from 132 Kg and it comes out at a weight loss of 49.9 Kg  100g short of the magic 50 Kg or 110 lbs a phenominal amount. To put it into context it’s the same weight as two bags of plaster or cement. The suitcase weight limit for Easyjet is 22 Kg, the last time I flew with EasyJet I’d lost 22 Kg or a suitcase worth and it hit home hard when you have to lift the things onto the scale. More than two peoples baggage allowance starts to blow the mind.

Fast forward to the Eureka, todays ride was to Marford and all in I ended up doing 65 miles. Maybe a write up later. Turned out to be a good week.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 22 Apr 07”

  1. hi frank,
    it was amazing meeting you on sunday, i really couldn’t believe it. you really are great to have done what you have and i hope you continue with the good work.
    happy peddling,

  2. Thanks for the comment Clare. It was great to meet somebody that had seen the site before they had seen me in the flesh. It turned out to be another great day. Bob,s ride which I haven’t written up yet was hilly enough to keep me interested. Lunch at the Trevor Arms was good enough to take a picture of.
    There is no going back for me, my lifes been completley transformed by getting out on my bike. I’ve met loads of new people on my rides. Like you they are out there doing it, not stuck at home wondering why their lifes gone to pot.

    Glad our paths have crossed, I often wonder why people visit the site and whether they get anything out of it. All this has happened in the last year an incredibly short space of time given that it took me 46 years to get in the mess that I was.


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