Weekending 29 Apr 07

Monday: Louises spinning class at the Oval, weights after the class. Forgot the HRM so no calorie counting tonight. Probably just as well.
Tuesday: No Tina so no class, guess who didn’t listen to the answer machine and turns up in the full discovery channel kit. Nothing for it but a half hour on the exercise bike. Cross Country Program for 30 minutes with the resistance turned up. 500 calories on the macine but only 428 on the HRM, this was a similar intensity to a spinning class. Weights, still nothing over 49 Kg which is what I’ve lost.
Wednesday: was trying to get to the Oval but traffic meant I couldn’t make it, did bits around the house instead.
Thursday: Could be Louise,s spinning class at Europa pools, can’t make the early class.
Just managed to squeeze in to this new class for me so lots of new faces. A change in shift pattern means I can make the later classes after work and this was my second class this week.
This was a hot, hard class, the HRM said 860 calories after I’d cooled down, it was 780 calories after we’d done the stretches.45 calories just warming up. Max heartrate was 176 BPM and it was around 150 bpm for most of the class. The two minute sprint just about finished me off. Now I’d polished off 750ml of water in the class to replace sweat.
When I got home I decided to weigh myself and I weighed in at 81.8 Kg which is a new low for me and takes it above 50 Kg or 110 pound mark for the first time. BMI is now 25.2  0.2 off normal. Now I’ve never felt better than this, pity this weeks episode of House had some morbidly obese guy in it. I was in the same class and and I’ve got this picture that I’ve yet to come to terms with. The difference is starting to amaze me and I was the one looking in the mirror for all those years.
Thanks for the class Louise, it’s taken me through another milestone.
Friday: Could be a ride, looking to better my Steve Cummins training ride time……..
Had another fantastic day, got lost as there was no route in the Garmin. 68 miles in 3:52 @ 17.7 mph.
Saturday: Restday
Sunday: Merseyside DA Early Season Tourist Trial, got the route sorted now, just need to make the start.

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