Steve Cummings Training Ride Number 2

The plan was I was going to do the exact route in cycling weekly set a time that I would be happy with and see where the idea goes from there.
Unfortunatley Anquet manage to loose the entire route I was trying to load into the Garmin Edge 305. Undaunted I tried to ride the route from memory and failed. I got off course by taking the wrong road out of Eaton where I had trouble on the first ride.
I got back on the route at Waverton and it was still a fantastic ride. I ended up doing an extra 4 miles this time.

Start of Steves ride.JPG

Not many pictures of me exist of me on “The Toy” here’s one of me at the start of the ride. The bus stop is where I press start and stop on the Garmin.  It’s slightly downhill to Heswall Hills so the ride allways gets off to a fast start. For those that don’t know it there are no hills in Heswall Hills the planner must have been having a laugh when he named the place.

Watch out for the sunken manhole cover before the bridge. I picked the first ride up by Thornton Hall. Now if I’d have had it as a course in the Edge I would have been able to race myself. As it was I was just riding on speed and keeping an eye on the heart rate.
Once past Rivacre and on to Oil Sites Road I’m riding into a headwind. As it is a few miles long this could have a bearing on the average speed.

Primrose Lane is just as steep  as it was the other week and I’ve news for Dave the climb out of Alvanley towards Dark Arc Lane is 14% the same a Primrose Lane.
The descent down Dark Arc Lane is scary when you go for it but gives you enough momentum to get to the rail bridge  before you have to seriously start jumping on those pedals. Left at the cross roads again and it’s up the switch back to Hatchmere. Right turn and my lucks in as a woman driving a Merc lets me out at the junction.
Next stop is the Station Cafe at Delamere. A pot of tea and a slice of chocolate cake are in order.

Alan and Stan are there but sitting inside, I’m outside in the sunshine. This has all the makings of a great year. I’m liking these solo rides as I’m piting myself against my only challenger these days, me. I think it has allways been a mental thing with me so these rides give you plenty of time to sort your problems out. With no worries the next leg is to the Eureka Cafe.

Now things were great until Easton and things went a bit wrong. Before I forget it must have been another track day at Oulton Park as those bikes sounded seriously fast. It sounded like they were using the full circuit around Island Bend. I marshalled at Island Bend at the Transatlantic Races when Barry Sheene was still a force to be reckoned with. Memorable stuff.

After I got lost around Easton I ended up at a junction on the A41, now it’s a decision I haven’t had to make before left or right. Right it was but this road is busy and I no like it. I’m looking to get off it at the earliest opportunity. Then someone in a black car toots and the passenger waves. I assume they think I’m Steve Cummings. This is the second time it has happened wearing the kit. The signs for Waverton don’t come soon enough. Cycling on an A road is certain death for a cyclist just don’t do it, get off it as soon as you can.

Back on the route  it’s all about keeping the average speed up

Link to Google map of ride

Under 4 hours Dave, 17.6 mph average.

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