Weekending 27 May 07

Monday: Spinning class at the Oval, Weights.
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval.
Wednesday: Barbara,s class cancelled something to do with a footbal match. Gym for me, ran a proverbial mile at 10.1 km/hr, walked for 1/2 a km at 5km/hr up a 15% gradient. Rowed 500m in 1:48. 10 minutes on the crosstrainer. Weights. Place was practically empty and I still saw the match.
Thursday: What’s red and goes Beep Beep Beep? Liverpools open top bus reversing into the garage.
Louises spinning class at the Oval. 650 Calories and a max heartrate of 178 BPM.
Friday: Steve Cummings Training Ride 4:00.51 69.41 miles RestHill to Resthill.Average speed 17.3 mph. There was a strong headwind along the front at Parkgate but it was still a great day. There is a new rear tyre on the Toy and the Dura-Ace 12-27 cassette is on the back now. No mistakes this time.
Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools. Had a problem with the bike. One of the adjustable feet stripped its threads and I had to swap bikes. 594 Calories burnt Max pulse was 161 BPM. 
Saturday: Restday.
Sunday: Eureka Cafe for an impromptu ride. That must mean no one turns up. I know the forecast didn’t look too good but it wasn’t that bad that next to nobody turns out. I ended up going out with Merseyside CTC to the Ice Cream farm. Tom is there from the Chester Road club with another rider and that is it. Ended up doing 57 miles easy going and gave Mark a run for his money on the humpback bridges by the Ice Cream farm. Turkey and cranberry sauce baguette for me. The brakes on the Iceni are going to get new pads as the ones fitted are useless in the wet.
I don’t know whats wrong with everbody these days, I had the Altura Hiviz Jacket on with a pair of Polaris tights over a pair of shorts and was OK. Sealskin socks meant my feet were dry. The Iceni has mudguards on so I didn’t get any spray off the front or back wheels.
I got told about the Time Trial circuit from Brimstage so gave the start the once over on the way home. On Saturday night I programmed the route into the Garmin Edge 305. I’ll be riding it some time, I’ve been told that 23-24 minutes means I’m in the ballpark for racing.



Allan dropped.jpg

The above was a bit of fun as the group had split and gone two different ways. Both roads rejoin but I had put in a fast stint to be able to get Marks group from the front. Alan who wasn’t hanging around tucked in after they had gone past. I’ve since beeen told I was nuts going out on Sunday because of a severe weather warning, all I saw was some showers. Head count at The Ice Cream Farm was 8 cyclists which is a poor showing, there are times when you have nowhere to park your bike.
Another good week, mind you I seldom have a bad one these days.

One thought on “Weekending 27 May 07”

  1. Good on you for getting out in the rain, but personally, I choose not to ride in the rain these days. I’ve had enough grovelling up hills in the rain on 100 mile plus rides 🙂 I now understand what I want from riding, and I’d rather be out in the sun or at least not in the wet, anyway. A little cherry picking of the available ride days and matching that with the weather forecast ensures I still get out at least 3 times a week. of course, in the winter, all bets are off and I have no choice but to ride in the bad weather 😦

    Again, good on you, you’re obviously on a mission 😉


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