Brimstage Time Trial Route

Now I’ve had the odd call to put myself to the test and race against the clock. Well this is my first go at it and it won’t be my last. Now as the Garmin Edge 305 logs everything I dont need a timekeeper and I’ll be using this route in the Route Planning Tutorial I am planning to write.

Now I first heard about this course when I went into Wheelbase on Saturday for some bits. There was a chap in there talking to Colin and the TLI Oulton park events somehow came up along time trialling. I was told about this course and that its ridden on a Tuesday evening. Very informal, turn up ride, I don’t know who logs the times as I turned up an hour early.

Anyway I had programed the Course into the Garmin Edge 305 and as there was no Tina,s spinning class tonight or Oval fullstop I decided to give it a go. Now I was told 23-24 minutes for the course meant I was in the ballpark to go racing and be able at least stay with a group and maybe not get dropped.

Well tonights time was 24:22 but there was quite a strong headwind going up to the Clegg Arms. This is an uphill drag and when you see the numbers you just wonder how your going to post a good time. Once on the Chester High Road things look up, low 20s are sustainable and the filter lane for Thornton Hough comes up which is taken with a sweep.

This is not a flat course but there are sections where the tarmac is good and your speed is a reflection of where you are. As I am returning home via the start club riders are heading out on their timed rides, I’ve turned up an hour early and have already ridden the course. Aero helmets and tri bars mean these guys are serious, I’m just playing at it.

Anyway the stats:
8.74 Miles. Time 24 minutes 22 seconds. Average  speed 21.6 mph Max speed 27.5 Average heartrate 154 BPM Max 171 BPM. Wind WNW 16.3 mph.

Link to Google Map of Course

Link to MotionBased Analyser


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