Weekending 22 July 07

Monday: Work followed by weights and a run in the gym. Forty five minutes in the gym had me doing enough machines not to have missed any muscle groups. 1km on the treadmill 0.25km walk at 6km/h then 0.6 km at 11 km/h. Pulse steadies out at about 150 BPM on this run.
Louises spinning class had two first timers and was another class were the Aldi HRM failed to give a true calorie count. Heavy breathing is at least 150 BPM for me but not on some of the exercises. Profuse sweating may be part of it and it doesn’t like some bike positions. Having said all that it did record a maximum heartrate of 180 BPM so I was having a good go.

Aldi have Gel Saddle Covers on offer this Thursday for £2.99 so if you have a delicate posterior it may be worth investing in one. I haven’t had the problem for a long while but if your only going to see a saddle once a week for 45 minutes they may be worth a look.
Having said all that Louise,s sister left hers on her bike because she didn’t put it away.

Tuesday: Work followed by Louise,s late spinning class at Europa Pools. Got talking to one of the women by the drinking water, she had already done the first class so I was well impressed at some one doing two on the bounce. Told her about the site and what I’ve been up to for the last year or so. I’ll have to find her name out as she was going to pass the site link on to her daughter who is a personal coach.

Gave it another good go tonight but the HRM let me down again. I’d even put the sensor on my back rather than chest thinking that it was loosing contact due to a concave chest when hunched over the bars. It measured 180 calories which is the lowest it has ever been with an intermitent peak of 170 BPM the pulsing heart on the display was dead for most of the class. Anyway I know when I am pushing it without the aid of a faulty HRM these days.  Looking at a Google search this isn’t the end of the world. I’m still 3rd in a google search of “spinning calories burnt”.

Wednesday: Rode out to the Eureka thinking about going out with The North End to bring myself up to the next level. As it was it was Janets birthday and Ray had brought a cake. So Janets Birthday Ride it was, stunning ride 82 miles, 4900 ft of climbing. Great weather and a good route made for another good day.
Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools, this was  hot and I had a water refill mid class.
No calorie count but who wants to know when I’ve had such a good day.
Good class as always. Shower, home.

Thursday: Late class at Europa Pools. Changed the battery in the HRM chest strap as it was down to 2.8volts. Result 566 Calories burnt in Louise,s spinning class at Europa Pools, Hi of 173 BPM on a hill climb and the average was 133 BPM for 51 minutes. Here was me looking at buying something from Polar for big bucks when all it require was a £1.50 battery. Hot class again, went through a litre of water.

Friday: Another class at Europa Pools, 9 in this class so no one turned away. Last weeks beginers didn’t make it back, surely there is a lesson in all this. Maybe the counterstaff need to pre warn newcomers how hard the first class is. Anyway 600 calories burnt, sweated buckets and it was throwing it down outside too.

Saturday: Rest day, fitted a new mudguard to the Iceni. It shouldn’t rattle like a rattly thing now.

Sunday: Work, followed by an evening watch Alberto Contador take a stage in the Tour

2 thoughts on “Weekending 22 July 07”

  1. Dear Frank,

    What do you or don’t like about spinning bikes. What do you think of free wheel versus direct drive? I would like your feedback.



  2. Thanks for the comment Sean,
    there is a difference between free wheel bikes which I would classify as exercise bikes and spinning bikes which are a fixed wheel. Even between spinning bikes there is a difference in application.

    I’d classify an exersise bike as a gym fitness cycle that has an electronicaly controlled resistance level. I’m not talking about home machines here. Although according to the depth of your wallet some might be classified as gym machines.

    The two types of spinning machines used in the classes are both fixed wheel but the Schwinn machines always give a higher calorie burn due to the mass of the flywheel.
    I’d prefer them to come with dual pedals so I can use SPD cycling shoes. The resistance adjustment is the most important part of the bike so it has to be consistant.

    As long as the bikes have good adjustability and are robust I don’t have any problems with the bikes. It’s the Instructors that make the classes, I wouldn’t push myself as hard on my own and they have played a part in the level I have reached now.

    Thats an impressive list of testimonials Sean, what brought you to my blog?

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