Janet,s Birthday Ride.

I’d turned up at the Eureka thinking about going out with the North End as the time has come for me to move on. A year ago I didn’t ride with a group but it just shows  how I’ve come on.

Well that was the plan but plans change. I’d turned up to see Ray without his new bike (A Trek Madone 5.9 SL, around 3.5k worth of bling carbon fibre) and Janet. Ray has a small Birthday cake as it turns out it is Janet,s Birthday. I was talking to Ann in the Cafe about Steve Cummings Team Time Trial crash on YouTube so missed the candle blowing out.

Happy Birthday Janet.jpg

Ray and Janet were recce-ing a future hilly ride which is just my cup of tea. With the forecast showers not affecting us it turned out to be a really fine day.

The route out was down to the Dee Rail crossing making our way to Golftyn Lane for the first climb of the day. It was then on to Northop and on up the hill to join the A55 for a short while turning off to Halkyn.


This used to be the main road to Hollyhead and would be packed with traffic with major queues at Northop nowadays you can ride two abreast on it. I’d had a tractor following me up it at about 12mph before I took this shot. Next up was Pentre Halkyn and then on to Rhes y Cae and the Ray has us going down a track called Fford y Graig.
If it was unsuitable for motors it aint much better on a road bike. Still it could have been worse.

Next up was Nannerch and we are taking the road to London Bridge with our stop at a shelter by the sanatorium at Llangwyfan. Conversation included Roy not being to see the pictures I took on the Bob Clift Memorial ride. 90% of visitors have broadband hence the increased res on the picture size. And google searches that bring people to the site. One of the odder one was “Liverpool Male models” sure enough I was there on a post I made about Mens Health Magazine. Nothing is what it seems these days but armed with information like this a guy like me could have some fun.


Janet on the Old Nant y Garth road.


Ray on the Nant Y Garth

I didn’t take too many pictures on this ride but some of the scenery was as good as it gets. The hedges might have needed trimming but the views were fantastic in the good weather. I’ve also altered my riding style again since the Snowdon Audax, descending at speed is now done on the drops with me covering the brakes. DuraAce/Ultegra pads are soft and progressive in this position and it paid off later in the ride.

It may look like I’m playing around but the increased feel and leverage is well worth it. Parts of this route I rode on the Iceni in the wet with hard rubber pads it was not a nice experience and all it did was grind the rims down with me braking all the way down the hills.


Considering this is summer it is amazing how little traffic there was on the ride. The above is the old Nany Y Garth road and is typical of what it’s all about.

Ray had explained how this ride covered two mountain ranges and it is a cracking route. Just make sure you have enough supplies with you as shops and pubs that are open are thin on the ground. Even the Cafe at Loggerheads was closed. We had a stop at the village store at Llanarmon yn Ial for an Ice Cream, a drink and a small Barra Brith for me as I had nothing left to eat. Very pleasent.




The above pictures are around Cilcain, I like how the winding road has come out on this one. Before this on a fast descent of the A494 I overshot the turn to Cilcain,no problem I wasn’t going to waste a good strech of road. 1st left means 1st left I guess.

More later but some Stats
A year ago I hadn’t joined the CTC yet so a ride like this was beyond comprehension, thanks to Janet and Ray for a grand day out.

82 Miles , 4900ft of climbing. 4 20% (1in5) climbs. 1 ice cream stop. Max speed 39.5 Mph. Avg 12.7 Mph.

Link to Google Map of Ride


2 thoughts on “Janet,s Birthday Ride.”

  1. Afternoon,

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now and have been meaning to email and say hello for ages. We moved to Chester in November and we’ve been riding around the area since them. We must have nodded at each other at some point out in the lanes. The hills behind Northrop are one of our loops so I thought I really must say hello…

    We probably won’t be riding quite so much for a week or two – my wife and I were training for the London-Canterbury sportive at the start of July and we’re having a little rest now.

    I find the motionbased data you put up really interesting = I always look for sections of your routes which we’ve done to look at the profile. I’ve put some of the routes we do here http://www.mapmyride.com/user_profile?username=OllyChester
    but without a clever GPS toy they are not quite so detailed.

    Enjoy your riding, and we’ll keep an eye out for you next time we’re out on a Sunday.

    Olly Briscoe

  2. Thanks for the comment Olly,
    I’ve only being going out on the longer rides for just over a year now and they are all characterised by being on quiet roads. You can’t really miss me these days in the Discovery Channel kit.

    By the time I’d heard about the sportive the entries were full, maybe next year. The next big thing for me is the Wild Wales on August Bank holiday Sunday. Glad to see some one posting rides.

    The Gps unit has just been a method of logging them at the begining as when you start out you don’t know any of the roads.
    I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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