Weekending 29 July 07

Monday: Work, chinups  and a couple of sets using handweights. Stopping late means I can’t fit a class in and I want to watch the Tour. 20 Pressups, bed.
Tuesday: Work, late spinning class at Europa Pools.

Rest Day in the tour and Vinokourov has failed a dope test. I was browsing the Paceline forum last night and saw a thread giving Levi Leipheimer some stick for being fourth and not trying. It struck me that Vinokourov did the same as Landis did last year, dropped a load of time and then won the next stage. This made me think Landis may have been clean. All this has done is now put the spotlight on Landis and that he probably did dope.

Not the best of days at work had me fired up for the gym and spinning class. Weights, rowing for 5 minutes a 2.01/500m and treadmill for 1km @ 11km/hr with a 1% slope had me burning 340 calories before I sat on a spinning bike.
An overbooked class had Louise giving up her bike and doing step instead. All this commotion with sorting the class out meant I had the fan for longer than I normally do (normally I wouldn’t want it). All this contributed to a 700 plus calorie burn. Max Heartrate 174 BPM.

Bumped into Miles on the way out and had a chat. Miles is of Brimstage Time Trial fame. He set off a minute before me and we both got passed by Steve Cummings.

Correction from Alex, it was Miles.

Wednesday: Lifestyle and Weight Management Course followup class. Same time, same place. 82.7 Kg This morning.  It was a good turn out from the last class to finish their  twelve weeks, this is a good sign. I haven’t spoken to any of them since their four week class as we only pass in the corridor once a month. They’ve been following this blog and knew a fair bit about how I’ve done(They know a lot more about me than I know about them thanks to this blog ). Which is what it is all about, I may have twelve months on some of these people but I still think it is important to turn up as I am still on this BHF plan.

For half the last class to turn up bodes well as the course lasts a year and the big gains are made after the classroom lessons have finished. After twelve weeks you should be equiped for life, the rest is up to the individual.
Spoke to the class that are just on their fourth week, this is a critical time for them. Opinions have probably not been formed if this is for them yet. Half may not make it to the end as the lifestyle change may be just too great.

I explained about how this all came about and how I started out. The before picture got circulated  and it does come as a surprise to many. Nearly Eight stone is a massive amount of weight no matter you want to look at it. I keep turning up as the people that inspired me told me to stick with it.

Thursday:  I was predicting Alberto Contador to win the tour but I couldn’t have thought it would turn out this way.

Spinning class at Europa Pools, full class and couldn’t get into next weeks class as it was already full. 600 calories burnt and bike number 15 is hard work once you start cranking in the resistance.

Just a word on Spinning etiquette, it’s a bad show if you don’t put your bike away after the class having watched the rest of the class stow theirs. Another case of the usual suspects. Sheila,s Fusion or Step classes need the room after us and it’s only fair that they start on time.
The next one is taking up a disabled parking space when there are spaces free in the pay and display. Traffic wardens book you for taking up a disabled space even after hours, either that or your abusing the badge. Other than that another good class.

Friday: Another new day. Rode out to the Eureka for Breakfast, felt good once I had climbed up the hill to join Route 56 and the weather was fine with a large black cloud blowing past Willaston leaving the roads wet. Once on the Chester High Road I’d slotted behind a lorry that had to stop at the lights by the Garden Centre. The speed slowly crept up as it was heavily laden. Before you know it I’m doing 36 mph behind this lorry. The only thing stopping me was the eureka coming up after the traffic lights. Just had a look at the data on the Training centre, it’s superb.

Spoke to Dave from the North End about rides and It looks like I’ll be giving it a go.
Did my route through Puddington down to the marsh and had a stop at Ness gardens before going on to Parkgate. At the end of the parade I see a chap on a bike posting a letter, I’m just ambling along starting to climb up Boathouse lane when he comes past dancing on the pedals. Well I’m not about to get dropped by this guy so I set off in pursuit. I’m still in the saddle as we head up the road.

He has another dig then turns off down Wood Lane, livened the ride up. Rode through Heswall and called in on my mum and dad. Had the wind behind me going up Station Road towards Lever Causeway so it did flatter the average. Up Resthill and that was me done for the day, avoiding the rain. 24 miles.

Spinning class booked for West Kirby. Europa pools had rang to say sheila,s class was cancelled so I managed to get a place in Barbara,s class in West Kirby. Haven’t been there for a while but the bikes seem well maintained, all had bottle cages. Vocal class, I’ve got to mention the girl next to me, she was wearing a jacket throughout the class!!! gave me a run for my money. Stick some of these girls/women on a bike and they would waste a lot of guys. I’m the only bloke in this class and a few would give us a run for our money if  they ever took  up the sport.
Sweat was pouring off me as I was having a good go as always.
Anyway 700 calories burnt and a Max Heartrate of 177 BPM which is this weeks high.
Always a hard class at West Kirby for some reason maybe it is the structure of the class.
There is no rest  between hills, sprints etc so to speak of so you are always near a peak.
If you can count to four you should be allright. No hovers made it a class to remember. I hate hovering, It imposes too much stress on the joints for me

Saturday: Possible ride day whoohoo!!!!!!
Rode out to the Eureka passing some of the North End on the way out, 25mph on the Chester High Road. I needed to get there quick as I needed to get breakfast before 10 am. I ended up going out with one of the North End groups to Llangdegla Mountain Bike Centre. Turned out to be a good ride.


One thought on “Weekending 29 July 07”

  1. Hi Frank – Just to let you know that wasn’t me you bumped into at Europa pools! Must have been some other bearded guy…

    No doubt I will bump into you at some point if I try to keep going to bike events. I take it you didn’t go to the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool ride as you haven’t written about it. There was a really good turn-out and the rain held off all morning execpt for a couple of very light showers. For me the highlights of the ride are going through the tunnel; at the beginning it’s the excitement of passing the start line and bombing downhill into the tunnel, and then at the end it’s the final slog up that same hill.

    Jusr realised I’m rambling a bit…. I’ll leave my comment at that.

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