Weekending 12 Aug 07

Monday: Couldn’t get a spinning class at Europa Pools but managed to get a space in Barbara,s class at West Kirby. Had half an hour in the gym beforehand doing a few weights. Rowing and the Arm pedaling contraption for 6 minutes @ level 6.
It was a full class and then another two came in. These days I don’t waste any time turning the legs over waiting for the class to start. I need to increase my pace if I’m not to get dropped by the North End.
So flat out it was, 836 calories worth with a Maximum Heart Rate of 185 BPM. 55 minutes worth of on the limit spinning. First class of the week, what with the rides at the weekend it promises to be a fruitfull week.
Tuesday: On the reserve list for Europa Pools spinning class, the early one.
Got to Europa Pools early to get a place as it was there were 3 bikes left when the class started. Went the gym beforehand to do a set of weights.
680 calories burnt which was a surprise as it was nothing like the previous nights class. Average pulse was 132 for an hour and five minutes.
Before that I’d done a couple of miles on the Toy with my new shoes on and the levers in there final position.
Wedneday: Ride day, got to do my own thing as I have a dental appointment in the afternoon. A Steve Cummings training ride might be a possibility If I set out early.
as it was I did a Wirral circular route of 48 miles. Good weather made for a good ride.
Spinning at Europa Pools also.
It was Sarah’s class tonight as Sheila is still on sick leave after doing her foot in on the step class. Was told I was the talk of the class on Louises second class. Take heart there are no bad classes, the classes are what you put into them. I measure what I put into a class. Just doing a class means you arn’t out there doing something that you normally shouldn’t be doing.
Anyway back to the class, it’s hot. A lot haven’t turned up as the rollcall still leaves 6 empty bikes. We are all thrown by Sarah,s routine, different music and a new style can throw anybody.
Sarah has already been contacted by the Luddites about the routine and she is only standing in for Sheila.
The whole point of a routine is to vary it, variety is the spice of life. Take Barbara,s classes. I can do one of these on autopilot. Barbara does a LOT of classes and if you only do one or two it feels like a tough workout. If you do five a week it doesn’t, I could do it so to speak. The music plays and you know what is coming up it’s got to the stage where I’m doing the routine to the tune.
Anyway back to Sarah,s class 500 calories but the whole thing is that it was a DIFFERENT routine. Forgot my towel which didn’t help. Had some news of  Steph from one of the other spinners on Tuesday, she,s in good form  and having the time of her life by the sound of things. Steph took classes at the Oval.
Thursday: Louise,s class at Europa pools just as it turns out  I hadn’t booked. Two new girls in the class and I’m next to them. This pair look like they are going to struggle as they haven’t a clue what they have let themselves in for. I was going to ask them which one put the other up to it. Before you all come down on me like a ton of bricks read the Spinning page. I spoke to the girl next to me twice about the level one setting as it hadn’t sunk in. She had turned the resistance out by about 6 turns so there was no way she could ever get it back. A quarter turn of nothing is still nothing.
The thing is one of them said to Louise that they found the class EASY!!! they did absolutley nothing !!!!!! ( exclamation marks are my least form of objection) . The girl next to me nearly came out the pedal as she had no resistance in. Louise came across but they still haven’t twigged it’s all about the resistance level. I say all this as I know we will never see the pair of them again.  As for the rest of the class we all know who is kidding and that is no one. I’m the only bloke again in the class but all of these girls give it a good go for 45 minutes.
660 calories by the time I had cleared a few bikes away, shower , home. Hi 164 BPM.
Friday:  Booked in for Sarah,s class and the prospect of a Steve Cummings training ride.
Steve Cummings training ride it was, weather was brilliant at the start but clouded over in the afternoon. 73 miles and four cafe stops. 16.2 mph average speed so not the fastest. Might as well write it up as I took a few pictures around Oulton Park
Sarah,s Class at Europa Pools 540 calories but I did have the fan on me for most of the class as there were only seven of us. Sarah offered to do a tougher class next week!!! but we declined as the classes are as tough as you make them.
Saturday: Out with the NorthEnd, we nearly made it to Corwen. Ride write up further up the page. 90 miles
Sunday: Ice cream farm with the NorthEnd and a Wirral Loop as we were back at the Eureka for 10 past 1. 82 miles. Grand Total for the week 295 miles.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 12 Aug 07”

  1. Twere only six of us in the class at Europa last night – Mondays never seem to be full. I didn’t book but went down anyway and got lucky!!

  2. Thanks Anon, West Kirby is an arkward place to get to but the upside is the parking is only 20p. Sheila’s canceled class threw me out of booking for the following week.

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