Discovery Channel Steve Cummings Training Ride 4

I thought I’d do another one of these as I’m off on holiday, the weather looked superb in the morning. As it turned out it was not a sub four hour ride as it has been tweeked a bit. A loop to the Ice cream Farm has been added as it is around lunch time. I also do a loop down to the marsh at Ness which include a climb up Denhall Lane.

The loop out to Delamere was into a headwind which was noticable down Oilsites Road. It’s always a test going straight up Primrose Lane as this climb is the steepest on the ride. With sunglasses on going down Dark Arc is scary stuff, the surface is bad in parts and you can’t see much under the trees a 30 mph. You need 30 mph to get to the rail bridge up the hill the other side.

Once at the Station Cafe it was a piece of Chocolate cake with a cherry filling and a pot of tea outside in the sun. The cakes are superb at the Station Cafe, everyone else seems to be having allday breakfasts.

The cake looked that good that a woman and her friend  commented on it and how many miles you’d have to do to burn it off. I’ve just ridden 24.8 for it. What has been remarkable is how little traffic there is.


After Cotebrook I decide to take a few pictures of the Mill Pond, just before Oulton Park. It’s another track day and it sounds fast.

Beech Lane Panorama.jpg

Dave has spliced the pictures into this panorama which comes out really well. Thanks Dave.

Next stop is the detour to the Ice Cream Farm, I really like it around Beeston. The roads are quiet the surface isn’t bad along with some of cheshires finest it is a nice place to ride.

Mexican Chicken Bagguette at the Ice Cream Farm, I’d have thought it would have been busier seeing as it is the summer holidays but there was a steady stream going into the ice cream parlour. The Crocky Trail looks busy though.

Next stop is the Eureka after putting in a slight mod to the original Cycling Weekly route. The A5117 roadworks mean a few mods.

Kev and a few of the boys are there from a year ago. Kev mentions the picture I took of them crossing the canal bridge at Chester  to Bill?.  Kev has it as his wallpaper now. I don’t blame him, it was a good shot I don’t have any of me that good.

Puddington, Burton, Denhall Lane then a stop at Ness Gardens. I’m not looking to break records on these solo rides but just have a good time. I had toyed with the idea of an Ice Cream at Parkgate but it soon passed and it was back to the climb up to the Chester High Road.

The next section is the homeward leg and it was all going fine untill this. 270 cows wanting milking.


This slowed down the average speed for the leg a lot. It seemed like an age following the cows but it was still a great day out.

Finished off with Sarah,s spinning class at Europa Pools.
I ended up loosing a Kg of weight on this ride even with the Cocolate Cake at Dela mere Station Cafe.

Strange how thing change in a couple of hours, a couple of the NorthEnd went the Ice Cream Farm later on and it was heaving.

Link to Google Map of Ride

2 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Steve Cummings Training Ride 4”

  1. The Thumbnail photos are a great improvement! keep up the good work,especially looking forward to a comprehensive write up + photos on the Wild Wales Challenge,which if i remember correctly you are riding? Regards.

  2. No problem Anon I’ve just received the Route Card it promises to be a mega write up, I’ve been out with the North End for the last two weeks and the talk is of little else.

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