Nike Lance II Discovery Shoe

The whole of the retail cycling shopping world seems to be against stocking stuff like this so when Mr Butler knocks £60 off the price I thought I would give them a go.
As it’s Discovery Channels last year of sponsor ship the stuff isn’t going to be around too long and with Lance off the bike the link is getting a little stretched.

I can see why women have an obsession about designer shoes like Jimmy Choo,s or Manolo,s after wearing these for a ride. They look a million dollars in my eyes and once you see them peddaling away it becomes quite hypnotic.

I’ve been riding around in a low end Shimmano road shoe that cost between £40-60 depending on where you buy. I’ve spent the last year on them riding a couple of thousand miles through thick and thin and hadn’t really given them much thought.

These normally retail for £160 so I thought £100 was a bargain, I still think £100 is a lot for a pair of shoes by the way and someone has to pay for all those Sidi ads on Eurosport.

My initial reaction was one of mild dissapointment when I put them on the scales (everything gets weighed these days). 2g heavier than the Shimmano shoes. This is despite having a carbon fibre sole with the stickers telling you as much. The fit is close, but not tight. It is a more narrower fit than the Shimmano shoe.

Anyway  the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Yesterday was a superb morning for a ride and an excellent opportunity to baptise the shoes. The thing that struck me immeadiatley was that once clipped in to the Keo,s was that you don’t realise your clipped in. There is no sensation of a pedal being under your foot.

The load is spread across all of the shoe and you are unaware of the contact point. You peddal and thats it, it’s just a circular motion. Even when climbing out of the saddle you are not aware of the peddal. This gives rise to that hypnotic feeling that I mentioned before, you see your input but don’t feel it ,all you see is your feet turning over.

You hear the term “Dancing on the peddals” well now I know what they mean, you could dance up the hills on these and not know it. I was really, really impressed by how these shoes felt and performed. They look good too. There is no way you could try these on in a shop and relate to how it feels when your out on the bike.

You’ve only three contact points on a bike and it now looks like I have all three sorted.


Update: I get dropped on a Northend ride as I wasn’t carrying enough liquid. That and they tend not to stop. I ended up calling in Aldi in Mold for a Litre of fresh Orange juice. As I’m clip clopping around the store to the checkout a little girl with her parents says “Nice shoes”. The bonus was I get let in in front of their trolley load of stuff. Makes my day after loosing touch with the others.


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