Weekending 16 Sep 07

Monday: Work. Down as a reserve for Europa Pools but might try West Kirby if I can get there in time. A crash on the M53 meant Liverpool centre was snarled up and I arrived late for Barbara,s class and still had to get changed. At least there was a bike for me. the other problem was no water. A short class meant it was ONLY 500 calories!!. With that it was off to Europa Pools for Louise,s class. Made it in time but traffic was slow.
If last weeks broken bike was bad, bike number 16 comes a close second. Slack in the chain meant it had an uneven feel lightly loaded that coupled with a resistance knob that put in a full hillclimb in about half a turn made for a difficult class.
Louise,s sister of mobile phone fame had her feet on the bars at one stage but it wasn’t what it seemed as she had injured herself. Finished with an 8 minute sprint with 20 seconds out the saddle.  More banter in this class and 600 calories burnt although the first class felt harder. I’d put it down to the shorter duration and the lack of water. 11 chinups on that convienient bar.
Tuesday: Booked in for Europa Pools late class. Tried to get in the early class but it was that full Louise had to give her bike up. So it was off upstairs to the Gym for an hour. Ran a mile @ 11.4 km/hr . 20 mins crosstrainer in reverse mode had me using leg muscles that I would pay for tommorow. Rowing 500 metres in 2:05 (a steady pace) and weights 1 set.
That done it was back downstairs for the class. Now I’d wondered if Europa Pools had spent some money on the place as there were two shiny new fans in the room.
The class was over booked by the way and Louise had no bike again!

It turns out Hanni bought the first fan from Argos for £15  and Dasa had to have one too but felt guilty about it.  I’ve posted the link and the cataloge number is 425/0090. Plenty of talk about the equipment breaking down and a lot more besides. Got told how the girls felt guilty turning up in cycling shorts and shoes and the personal fans just add to it. Don’t know what people think of me turning up in full Discovery Channel kit including the socks. I get enough odd looks in the gym.
Louise is wailing that she,s going to ballon up to 25 stone by missing out on her classes. I offer to lend her my scales as I had to buy a pair that measured over 21 stone when I was that weight.
Anyway class went OK and it was 1100 calories burnt including the gym session.
Pushed myself at the start of this week and I get paid back tommorow.
Now for those that follow my weight, it’s 82.6 Kg this week.

Argos Fan link

Wednesday: First day off and I’m due a ride.Turned up at the Eureka for a ride and to sign up for the Eureka Cafe Anniversary Ride but do it on the Saturday. Now it wasn’t going to happen at first but Ann has given me the route to Risk Asess on the Saturday, which is what I’m going to do. Went out with Peter Andy and Dave and a few others with the intention of going to Ruthin and ended doing 87 miles (post above)and then went to Barbara,s spinning class at West Kirby.Barbara,s spinning class at West Kirby, half full and three newcomers made it to the end in one piece. 630 calories.
Thursday: Restday, write up the rides, plan the route for Saturdays ride and give the legs a rest. Its the first time in a while that the legs have suffered the following day.
Spinning class at West Kirby 650 calories.
Friday: Rode down to Woodside to take the famous Ferry across the Mersey only to find it closed and with the race starting at 10 oclock I had to take the train.  Turns out the ferry doesn’t open untill 10 for leisure cruises. Shuttle service runs from Seacombe before then.
Now after the millions that lined the route for the Tour de France I was expecting a few more than thwe handfull that turned up for the Liverpool start. It may have been different in Sefton Park but at the official race start there were between 5 and at the most 10 people there. some of those were workers in businesses coming out to see the start. I was the odd one out as I turned up on a bike. With more than one telling me I was going the wrong way when I was riding back into town.Took the train back to Hamilton Square and did a coastal ride around the Wirral to the Eureka Cafe. Twas a bit windy on the seafront but ended up putting 50 miles in.
Tour of Britain 008.jpgTour of Britain 009.jpg

Spinning class at West Kirby 600 calories.
Saturday: Eureka Café ride started at 9 and had a great day. Spent Thursday programming the Edge with the route and it worked really well. this years route has a few changes and I really like the new bit before Farndon. Made good time and was back at the Eureka for 3:50. The climbs were a bit easier and for a moment I wondered what all the fuss about Nant Mill was and then it hit me. The last bit to the road junction is steep, that steep that last year I was over the bars gasping for breath. I was on beta blockers last year and these do put a block on your performance. It was still a tough climb but when I reached the top it was straight across the road and down the hill.

Eureka Ride 035.jpgEureka Ride 037.jpgEureka Ride 036.jpg
Nant Mill and the climb out of the river/stream.

Link to Map of Ride

Above link also includes Fridays ride to watch the Tour of Britain Start. It all wants sorting but I’ve limited access to the computer these days. Sometimes I’m editing the page on my PDA phone and errors are creeping in.

Sunday: Work

2 thoughts on “Weekending 16 Sep 07”

  1. Frank

    I was at the start of the Tour of Britain and must disagree with your estimation of 5 to 10 people at the start. I was at the start and there were a lot more people than that! In fact, I was glad that I made it to the start when I did. Admittedly, it was not the crowd at the Tour de France, but it was not marketed in the same way and it was on a Friday when most are working.

    I think we should be praising the fact that unlike the Tour de France it was possible to get close to the professionals and their teams.

  2. Anon, I rode out to the Vauxhall Garage is on Derby Road, that’s where the Liverpool Echo had the official race start. I’ll post the picture of the 0 km banner when I can get it compressed. If I’d known about the ferry situation I might have made it to Sefton Park. There was absolutley no publicity for the event and given that Liverpool City Council managed to screw up the Matthew Street Festival don’t hold your breath for the finish in 2008.

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