Weekending 14 Oct 07

Monday: Wrote up the weekend hillclimb and booked into Europa Pools for 7:15. Got a bit bored waiting so went to West Kirby for Barbara,s class. Vocal class this one and didn’t have the benefit of the fan. 650 calories and then it was off to Europa Pools. Got there just in time, Louise,s sister had us all doing a survey on perceived effort mine was less tonight as I’d already done one hard class.
The is no let up in Barbara,s class as the tracks on the CD just follow on from one another. At the end of it for the two classes I’d burnt 1150 calories.
Tuesday: Booked in at Europa Pools but ended up getting an earlier class at West Kirby. Had the fan tonight and enough water to see me through the class. 660 calories which is about right. I’ve stopped doing seated climbs now in virtually all the classes as it’s not the way I normally climb on the bike.
The resistance gets turned up accordingly but not so much as to grind the pedals around. If I was out on the bike I’d just select a lower gear. I’m not loking to bulk up my legs with these classes just improve my climbing.
Wednesday:  Work and on call, Nothing planned. Might try a routine out of Mens Health magazine at home. Tried a couple of exercises from the Fitness Special got to admit it’s harder than it looks. Some of the moves are really hard and beyond me at the moment.
Thursday: Work. On call again. Chinups and 20 pressups. Nothing aerobic.
Friday: Work followed by a spinning class at West Kirby. 690 calories with max heartrate of 178 BPM meant this was this weeks maximum effort. Had a fan on me for the whole of the class but it was still hard work. 10 chinups, may try some crunches seeing how effective they were after Sheila,s class last week.
Saturday: Work. Nothing planned as Sunday I’ll be doing a short ride.
It looks like I’m not going to get a Saturday or a Sunday group ride for at least a month so I’m going to have to come up with something mid week. Next Wednesday looks good though. 
Sunday: Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast. As this was the only riding I was doing it was at a fast pace down the Chester High Road. I’d caught and past a Northender doing about 20 mph.  So I had this chap on my wheel , after the Hinderton Arms Tempo comes out of a side road. He gets passed as well, this is red rag to a bull stuff and it continues on to the dual carriage way. I’m only on my way out for a breakfast next minute the first chap comes past to give me a blow, further on Tempo takes it up again. By this time we are doing 27mph with me just about hanging on the back.
I wasn’t going out with any group today and I suspect if I’d  gone out with the NorthEnd Tempo would have made sure I’d get well and truly battered.
Wednesday is your next chance.
It was a mistake going through the Missing Link on the return as I got covered in crap and the Toy is a mess. So much so it’s not coming in to the house until cleaned.
Went to the bike factory for some new lights for winter. I’ll write them up when I’ve tried them out.

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