Weekending 21 Oct 07

Monday: Spinning class at West Kirby followed by a class at Europa Pools. Just about got into the class at West Kirby had a good go and burnt 760 calories. The woman next to me had too much resistance on for one of the climbs and was struggling. You’d never ride a bike with that level of resistance in the saddle so why try to do it spinning. It’s just going to screw up peoples knees. Then we had a hover, another knee killer that I gave a miss.
Should have called it a day then but got to Europa Pools just in time. I’m still of the opinion that newbie women should do Sheila,s class. There was another first timer tonight who did OK and didn’t try to compete with the advanced pupils in the class.
It’s a question of numbers, West Kirby, full, all pretty know what the score is a newbie is going to be out of their depth especially if they try to hide on the back row.
Europa Pools by contrast, less bikes, no back row so hidding places.
One of the girls was talking about weightloss and spinning, hasn’t  seen this site which is probably a good thing. One night, two classes, and two different approaches.
1150 calories burnt. Couldn’t give it my best in the second class as there was nothing give.
Tuesday: CTC meeting at 7:30 but where? Booked in for a spinning class at West Kirby tipped the scales at 81.9 Kg after last nights effort. 650 calories.
Wednesday: Ride day . Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast and ended up going out with the CTC to Kingsley.
RedBull 001.jpgRedBull 002.jpgRedBull 004.jpg
The rided out to the Red Bull wasn’t too bad with the climb up Cob Hall lane making sure it wouldn’t be a flat ride. I ended having a jacket potato for lunch which came very quickly. Peter,s jacket potato took ages but the numbers were about double what Jill thought would be dining in.
The winter rides were very popular last year with number in excess of 30 turning up. It could place a strain on the kitchen but  most of the time they went off well.

RedBull 005.jpgRedBull 006.jpg
We have a puncture on departing the Red Bull which slowed things down a bit but gave Maurice the chance to ride off on my bike. The first one or was it the second, fixed we set off in a downpour. To add to the woes it was bitterly cold. Our luck doesn’t last as we have to stop again for a flat. Eventually the sun came out and we were on our way again, but not for long.

Just past Delamere at the bottom of the Switchback we stop again. Just as well Barry is with us as he profers a folding tyre and another tube. The tube that came out was given the once over and by the look of it a few need their eyes testing. It’s no wonder it leaked air, even the patchs were perished. The folds where it had been stored in the saddlebag were showing signs of perishing too. A bit of thrift is fine but this wasn’t fit to make elastic bands with.

If we need to spend some of the DA,s money because the CTC are restructuring spend it on a box of innertubes.

Bit of a mixed ride as one chap had 3 punctures and we were stopped for about an hour, got back to the Eureka to find it closed. We had lost about an hour got caught in the rain which was really cold and ended up splitting from the group, what was left of it.
The ride: 52 miles in all, cold, wet after lunch and a tad slow with all the stops.
Spinning class at West Kirby with Margaret. Barbara was off and this proved to be a right shock to the system. More later. Miles turns up for the class and we hadn’t seen each other since the Brimatage Time Trial. Margaret has us doing a couple of new techniques in the class like intervals and progressively increasing the load. It was a case of 2 1/4 turns in for a bit and then a 1/4 turn out for a while then another 2 1/4 turns  in and so on. Chest presses were done in position 2 instead of 3 and it was a 4 minute sprint at the end with enough resistance in to let you know youve had a good session.
Even the streches at the end had a different twist to them.
Really enjoyed the change, Barbara is going to have to move house more often.
Margaret teaches Pilates by the way. Had 10 minutes in the Gym before the class doing a few weights.
Thursday: Work, hit Borders on the way home for a cycling magazine fix and came out a tenner lighter.
Friday:  Work. May try the lights on the Iceni out. Bought a Cateye EL530 that I want to compare with the Sigma halogen lightset. The EL530 looks bright but the beam is very narrow and only has one setting. Fitted the Cateye set, the rear is really bright and the front will have to be tried out on a dark lane against the Sigma lights. I’m impressed with the output of the Sigma lights but have never given them a decent ride.
Saturday:Work. Going to give the lights a try even if it’s just around the block. I’ve been reading enough articles about them but you can’t beat just getting out there and having a go. More to follow.
The rugby wasn’t yanking my chain so I did the lap around the block to check the lights out. First off it was cold so the lastest Aldi winter cycling kit got it’s first full outing.
As for the lights a mixture of the two systems seems to be the answer.
The Sigma lighting set was good enough to ride by on an unlit road as there is 15 watts of halogen light to play. Once I work out how long the batteries should last it will be the primary means of lighting on the Iceni.
The Cateye EL530 is a bit of a mixed bag. The main spot is a very intense blue white light but very small the closer it is positioned to the front wheel. The spread of the beam is poor given that the centre spot is so bright. You can ride with it and if I didn’t have the other system I’d probably be saying how bright the spot was.
The mounting bracket that is supplied with it is poor and although you don’t need tools to put it on moved on the bike. I’ll do a proper reveiw of the lights. I felt let down by the recent Cycling Plus reveiw.
Sunday: Work. Went out for a 5 mile ride to test the lights out again. The Sigma pair last about an hour I’ve been told on full power. You can actually ride at a normal pace with these and the spread of light is even. Wasn’t a bad little run and gave me a chance to try the Aldi winter cycle gear again.

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