Garmin City Select Map

Just bought a Garmin City Select V7 map off ebay for 99p plus £4 postage. The difference it makes over the Training Centre base map I’ll post when it arrives but anything is an improvement on the basemap.
All this is in preparation for the release of the Edge 705. The way things are going I’m going to want the power option on it too. That’s getting off the subject a little but there are cheap Garmin maps out there if you don’t need the latest version.
You can download Mapsource for free but it comes alive when you put a map into it.
Once you get anything other than the base map into the TrainingCentre it really opens up the package. The Course editor can actually be put to some use.

I don’t know how Garmin are going to cope with editing Courses but Mapsource doesn’t do Edge courses. You can have 13,000 points in a Course but only 100 waypoints in a Route. It is vitally important that you know the difference between the two as it can alter your whole perception of what an Edge can do.

5 November checked with the seller that it was in the post which he assured me it was. 
6 November Item arrives but only problem is that is an update on 3 cd,s and you need a previous version to update. Caveat Emptor. Still what do you want for 99p plus postage.  The item was as described so it’s down to my lack of product knowledge.

8 December  I’ve now got 3 mapsource maps in training centre and they are all pretty much the same. Unlock codes are out there if you know how to word your search. Just do a bit of research if you are bidding on an item that needs an unlock code.  Upgrade disks are purely that they need an an unlock code from a previous version. Once you’ve got a registered product your laughing.
This needn’t cost the earth don’t forget all those Nuvi owners out there are getting the same maps in their units for free. Or is it the other way round, the units are free you just pay for the IP rights on the maps. Whichever way it is there are millions of them and few of us.

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